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I guess I’ve fallen for every blog in the web. I have blogs at and at and another one at blogcharm.

I blogged day and night for two months and never got a more than cents. So, does blogging really bring anyone real money? By real money I mean something more substantial than cents. I have tried the two sites because reports that they have the most traffic, and guess what? I never earned more than five dollars.

I did try a site called which was exceedingly boring because it was the Question and Answer type of site where you answer questions with the so-calld highest EPA (or cost) and the rate others. The answering part seems alright, but rating others can be dreadfully boring because most seem to have “googled” their way to their answers and plagiarism seems to shockingly, almost a norm there.
But they do pay real money! That means I got paid about 2 dollars per hour of doing nothing but answering questions. Of course, some questions were dreadfully specific that I did not see the point – e.g. “Who is Alfarabi?”, “Whhat is the Steele Prize Award?”. Then there is the rather VAGUE “WHY?” . Don’t ask me “why what?”- Ihave no idea, except that I managed to answer that one by using a bit of convoluted phillosophy.

Total earnings for two weeks of Helium Knowledge is 28 paid via paypal. Not bad considering I am a “blog whore” and I blog and ramble almost everywhere and get cents for my services rendered.

But here’s the good news. I found which is NOT a blog site but which offers ads and news releases you have to rewrite in your blogs. Of course, your blog should firstbe “approved” by Blogative. Mine was. Two weeks ago , I earned 15 dollars for writing three short entries on my blog with the blogative offer (ad offer) link. Last week, I earned another 15 bucks. Blogative is reasonable and it pays the most per link for the ads or press release they “offer”. Thus this last month, my blog income was 28 from Helium KNowledge and 30 from Blogative which I would say is extremely GOOD considering all the time I used to put into “making cents”.

Still I have no idea if something better than that will come up. Who knows, maybe Associated Content will make me win – at least- some gift certificate for my 15 articles? I am keeping my fingers crossed:)

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