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Community web sites attract members because visitors can talk to the same people day after day, hear about how others are living, find out what others do on the internet, and generally, make online friends. There’s one such website that rises above others when it comes to companionship, fun, excitement, friendship and just caring individuals.

Computer Money Makers, or CMMs, is one of the most fabulous such web sites online. The community is open to men or women but is composed mostly of women. Age doesn’t matter at this website where members, young and old, come together to party, chat, play games and get to know each other. We have so much fun that I couldn’t dream of ever leaving this place. Sure, there are days where things are as hep as they are on other days but the games and partying never really stops.

Although many web sites offer the same features as CMMs there are a few things that make this site extra special. The site is based on a “pie” theme where members can earn “piepoints” to spend at auctions or win prizes. Other programs that offer rewards for various activities can’t hold a candle to this site, which gives piepoints for simple things like posting messages playing games, showing how much you know about trivia, and other fun things.

Members can play the lotto, vote on their favorite reality tv show characters, make a post asking for prayers, talk to others who have family members in the service, sign up for secret activities, post pictures of your family, post complaints about your day or even your mate, get advice from others on any topic, or just come to fun chat sessions.

Many activities pay piepoints – so many in fact – that it takes no time at all to accumulate enough to purchase gifts, win prizes, enter drawings and more. Each person has their own personal page at CMMs that details points they’ve earned and what they did to earn them, the amount of points they’ve spent and what the points were spent on, auctions they’ve won, and other briefings.

CMMs always has lots of other things going on to entertain and delight. There’s an ongoing bingo game that’s a blast. Words are posted at the message board and members choose the appropriate number of words and send them to the member whose job it is to hold the words for that particular round. The bingo “caller” lists 5 words daily as you check them off of your list. The first person that calls “bingo” (makes a post on the board claiming the bingo win) wins the prize for that round. The winner is now responsible for listing the next set of words.

There’s a Monthly Piepoints Contest where one member makes four games, over the course of a month. The games could be “questions and answers” or could be unscramble-word puzzles. The person with the most points at the end of the month is the winner of a nice prize and is then responsible for posting the next month’s games.

Everyday members are rewarded for simply making posts to the message board. The board is sectioned off into categories such as “Special Point Opportunities”, “Daily Chat”, “Trivia”, “Freebies”, or “Prayer Requests”. The Daily Chat is where most people make general posts such as wishing “Happy Birthday” to others’, talking about something that’s happening in their life, or just to say “Good morning”.

Daily there are games that are ongoing. Piepoints are given to those who participate in these daily games. There are also points given for “cookbook contributions”, sending an e-card to a friend, visiting sites outside of CMMs, or even for sending in a monthly “wish list” of items you’d like to have.

After you’ve accumulated some points – which doesn’t take a long time like at other sites – you can spend them in many different ways. Go to their auction where everything is paid for in “points” and you even earn points and prizes for posting auctions. Earn things like a $50 Amazon gift certificate, or even an i-Pod, for being the person who posts the most auctions for the month. These are great auctions where you can win things like DVD’s, CD’s, baby items, toiletries, gift certificates or even socks.

On special occasions, such as Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, there is so much to do at CMMs it’ll make your head spin. They have lots of parties where you can win great gifts and more. Parties are different each time. For Halloween, for instance, there may be a “pumpkin hunting” contest or for Christmas there could be a party where sponsors give away sample items for attendees. They even have a “Secret Santa” exchange where members secretly send gifts to the person whose name they’ve drawn. None of the programs are mandatory – you can simply log in each day and never play any of the games, if that’s your wish.

Everyone has a blast at CMMs because, even if you can’t afford to shop, there’s still something special just for you. Similar online sites require you to shop in order to earn rewards. And, for those who do love to shop, there are great deals where you can earn free items for any purchase, piepoints for making purchases, or BOGO specials galore. Newsletters from the site give members special updates and opportunities. The newsletters also keep you up to date about current auctions and sponsor sales.

The most special thing about this site is that everyone is like family. It’s not unusual for the members to send a small gift to a member who is blue, throw a party – in real life – where everyone’s invited, or simply bombard a sick member with e-cards. The owner of the site is a sweet person with great ideas for new game ideas and fun. She even has a site for the children of the “pie-people” where they can also win gifts, play games and have loads of laughs. The owner is also constantly updating the site to make it easier to navigate and to add new fun.

Check the site out to see if it’s suitable for you. If you’re lonely, busy, single, married, pregnant, young, old, male, female or just looking for friends – welcome home!

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