The Best Dollar-Theme Stores on the Net

Dollar-theme stores make shopping easy. You always know how much everything is in a discount store like that, even if there are no price tags. And, since the stores by discontinued and similar merchandise they are always able to give consumers fantastic deals. Although the stores carry limited variety, for instance, they may only carry size small in a particular clothing style, they still have quite a few selections for the average person.

One of the best dollar-theme clothing stores on the net is The Fifteen Dollar Store. They carry brands like Union Bay, Paris Blues, Hotkiss, BCBG, XOXO and other familiar brands – all for $15 each. Their selection is huge with categories in pants, shirts, sweaters, skirts, dresses, coats, shoes, and even accessories. This store carries few, if any, really large sizes; most of their clothing ranges from small to large or extra large. Still, if regular sizes are what you wear, and you’re looking for fabulous bargains in anyone’s budget, go shopping at

At Dollar Days they have tons of merchandise in categories like health and beauty, electronics and books, seasonal, religious, toys, sports and much more. The thing about this dollar-theme store is that you must order in bulk. They have products as low as 49 cents and a wide range of low priced items as well. This place is great if you do crafts, want to purchase and resell, or you just have a large family. The place even has a rewards program for frequent shoppers wherein you can receive discounts on your future orders. Shipping is high in some cases since they have a flat-rate shipping charge for orders under $100. Some items include free shipping but make sure you comply with any local and state laws where you live, concerning buying wholesale.

At you’ll find plenty of fabulous items for a dollar. The store has a religious theme where you can purchase candy, candles, music, costume jewelry, party supplies, key chains, and lots more. They even sometimes offer a free item that you can add to your cart if you’re shopping that day. They have a closeout page where you can purchase items even cheaper than a dollar, too. Their shipping rates are reasonable and the merchandise quality is good for the type of store it is.

Although everything in their store isn’t the same price Music Graveyard Mall has a dollar store section where everything is a buck or two – some even less. If you’re shopping in the dollar part of their store shipping is one flat rate no matter how much you order. Games, household products, incense and crafts are only some of the things you’ll find. Have a look around at:

Dollar Bins is an impressive store where everything is ten dollars or less. If you purchase $20 worth they provide the shipping for free. They have books, DVD’s, household items, music, software, jewelry, and holiday items to name only a few. The size is very easy to navigate and the checkout is non-complicated. Have a look-see here:

Dollar theme stores carry mostly high quality items that are cheap because they aren’t manufactured anymore, there’s a misprint on the packaging, there’s only a few left in existence, and other reasons. Take advantage of these reduced prices by visiting some of the above online stores. Check shipping prices, small print, and size of merchandise before you order, to prevent being disappointed.

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