The Best European Restaurants in Queens New York

You can take a tour of Europe without leaving Queens, just by trying some of these restaurants. Queens has a long, rich immigrant history and every group is represented by their restaurants. I was fortunate enough to grow up in Queens and experience all of theses cuisines on a regular basis. Many people who come to New York forget or do not know about the four outer Boroughs. They know they exist, but they do not know anything about them. Queens has some fo the best restaurants anywhere. They can compare with restaurants in Manhattan or anywhere else on the globe .European style restaurants in Queens cover the whole span of the Continent. There are French, German, Mid European, Italian, Spanish. Greek and Indian. . I have tried to include restaurants from as many of the neighborhoods as possible, but it is so easy to get around in Queens, that is the one you want to visit is not near you, it will not be a problem getting there. And if you are a visitor to New York, it is a quick trip from Manhattan The prices listed are in effect now and are here to give you a general idea of the price ranges. They are subject to change, so check with the restaurant if you want confirmation. Also, it is a good idea to call for reservations, just to be sure. So take a look, see what you like and give it a try. You just might have one of the best dining experiences ever, Enjoy.

French European Restaurants Queens

718 Restaurant
35-01 Ditmars Blvd.
Astoria NY 11105
They have a bit of a twist here. The cuisine is French with a touch of Spanish. That plus the fact that they have a bartended who makes love potions, makes for a very interesting time. Be sure to check out their events page, They have some extra special nights coming up, for instance there is Jazz on Fridays and much, much more. Meanwhile check out theses items from their menu
w/ corn puree, spinach, hazelnut, red currant sauce
w/ vanilla potato puree, spinach, pecan, light smoky banana sauce
w/ saut�©ed artichoke, potato gnocchi, pistachio, light lemon-parmesan emulsion

La Baraka
25509 Northern Blvd,
Flushing, NY
The decor is French Provincial and the menu is French with a touch of North Africa It makes for an interesting combination. They have been here since 1970, so they must be doing something right. These are from the dinner menu. They also have a special lunch buffet and twilight menu. Check them out on the site.
Filet Mignon au Poivre $ 21.50 (filet mignon broiled and served with crushed black pepper, brandy and cream sauce)
Entrecote Bordelaise $ 21.50 (shellsteak broiled and served with a red bordeaux wine sauce)
Sole Almondine $ 18.50 (broiled and served with almonds and white wine sauce)

Lil Bistro 33
33-04 36th Avenue
Long Island City
Lil bistro is a bit diffent in that it combines French and Asian cuisine. It is not a large place, so I would suggest calling for reservations, just to be on th safe side. It is small, but in a cozy way. There ar some very interesting and different items on the menu such as
GRILLED HANGER STEAK – steak frites, field greens, blue cheese viniagrette 18
ROASTED RACK OF LAMB – Red wine sauce, yuzu potato gratin 23
TOFU STEAK – Shiitake mushrooms, field greens, plum vinaigrette 11

Le Sans Souci
44-09 Broadway,
Le Sans Souci is a classic French Restaurant will all the look and comfort of a French Bistro They have an outdoor garden for dining in the summer. It is in the rear anc shielded from the street. These are from their dinner menu
Brochette de St.Jacques a l’armoricaine $21 Sea scallops on a skewer served on saffron basmati rice w/sweet peas bathed in Lobster sauce.
Steak au poivre $23 Pan seared New York strip steak w/ black peppercorn brandy sauce. Served w/fries and watercress salad.
Seasonal vegetarian dishes $16

Mid European Restaurants, Queens

Bohemian Beer Hall
29-19 24th Avenue
Astoria New York
This is the last Beer Hall in New York City. It is a shame that this old tradition has almost vanished from the city, but hopefully this organization will keep at least a little bit of the tradition alive. The atmosphere is relaxed, nothing fancy. It is like being in a friends kitchen. Check the site for the hours They vary form day to day. The cuisine is Central European. They do catering either on or off the premises These are some of the items from their elegant
Pirogi with Sauerkraut and Crispy Onions $ 7.50
Potato Pancakes w/ Sour cream and Apple sauce $ 5.75
Hungarian Goulash (beef), dumplings or rice $10.00
Chicken Papricash, dumplings or potatoes $10.00

31-11 23rd Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105,
Koliba is a classic Czechoslovak restaurant. The decor and the food are 100% authentic. The dress and atmosphere are casual. They have special menus for parties of up to 30 people Asl about them when you call for reservations. Here are some of their special dishes.
Beef goulash 10.50
Smoked pork with cabbage or sour-sweet lentils 10.75
Pork Schnitzel 12.75
Chicken shish kebab ala Baca – fried 14.75

Italian European Restaurants, Queens

Dee’s Brick Oven Pizza
107-23 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Dee’s is much more than pizza, although if you have never had Brick Oven Pizza you have to give it a try. The atmosphere is casual and so is the dress. It is small enough to be homey yet big enough not to feel cramped. They do catering, have a children’s menu and be sure to check out the chefs weekly specials. From their menu:
Our pasta dishes range from $11.50 to $16.00. Add chicken or shrimp to any pasta for $2.75
Spinach Linguini & Clams, Cheese Ravioli Parmesan Ravioli of ricotta, mozzarella & parmesain a velvety parmesan cream sauce reduction w/ a julienne of sun-dried tomatoes

Park Side
107-01 Corona Avenue
Corona, NY 11368
Park Side is one of my personal favorites.( Hint try the house wine, It is superb) Whatever day you plan to go, make a reservation They fill up fast. Their reputation is that good. The sevice is great. You are left to dine in peace, without a waiter hovering over you, yet when you need one they appear instantly. This is a jacket and tie place. And they do have valet parking Take a look at the walls when you come in and see some of the famous regulars you may end up dining with. Take a look at some on their dishes.
Fedelini or Linguini Marechiaro 15.50
Shrimp, Clams, Fresh Garlic, Wine & Red Sauce
Truffle Risotto 11.50
Fried Filet of Gray Sole 17.95
Filet of Sole Coated with Eggs, Bread Crumbs And Herbs, then Fried

Amici Amore
2935 Newtown Ave
Astoria, NY 11103
The atmosphere here is causal, and so is the dress code. They do have a room available for private parties. Check and see if you can attend on and evening when they one of their monthly wine tasting dinners. It makes for a very special evening. Theses are some of the choices from their dinner menu
Follie Di Melanzane
Half Rigatoni, Tomato w/ Eggplant & Fresh Mozzarella $11.95
Penne Vodka Al Salmone
Salmon w/ Light Cream Tomato Vodka Sauce $13.95
Petto Di Pollo Al Limone
Breast of Chicken w/ Lemon Butter Capers Sauce $13.95

Indian Style European Restaurants, Queens

Jackson Diner
37-47 74th St
Jackson Heights, New York
Jackson Diner is one of the most elegant diners in New York The cuisine is form Northern India and is superb. The have a banquet hall for private parties. They have been in the same location
for 25 years and serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Here are some suggestions from their menu.
Chicken Tikka Boneless succulent pieces of chicken marinated and broiled in tandoor $10.95
Fish Tikka An exotic ajwain flavored boneless fish spiced with yellow chiles $17.95
Lamb Roganjosh Boneless juicy pieces of lamb cooked in traditional kashmiri masala$11.95

German Style European Restaurants, Queens

Zum Stammtisch
69-46 Myrtle Avenue
Glendale New York
Zum Stammtisch is a long time local favorite. I would suggest calling for reservations. They do catering also. Zum Stanntisch is like a bit of Bavaria moved to New York. The atmosphere is like a German chalet, relaxed, family and friendly. The food is simply great. Here are some of their dishes.
German Herring Salad Platter
Our German Herring Salad beautifully presented with egg, cucumbers and tomatoes served with potato salad.
Veal Cordon Bleu Tender veal cutlet stuffed with Swiss cheese and ham, then pan fried.
Wiener Zwiebel Rostbraten Shell steak pounded thin and seared on a hot grill and topped with fried onions.

230 Jericho Tpke,
Floral Park, NY
I have eaten at Gebhardts many times while they were in their old location, and was very sad to see them move. The food is simply great. They have rooms available for private parties. These are some of these favorites from the dinner menu You also have a choice of full meals as opposed to the regular a la cart
CRAB MEAT STUFFED SHRIMP chive butter sauce 18-
SAUERBRATEN marinated in our family recipe and served in the traditional manner with potato dumplings and red cabbage 16-

Greek Style European Restaurants, Queens

2315 31st St,
Astoria, NY
Vraka is a classic Greek Restaurant with ambiance and great food. With the music and singing, it is like one big, fancy party. It is an enjoyable place to be. Here are some items for your consideration
CHICKEN BREAST A LA OUZO 18.50 Saut�©ed chicken breast with mushrooms and finished in ouzo.
FILETAKIA SALAMIS 22.50 Tender pieces of filet mignon and

Uncle George’s Greek Tavern
33-19 Broadway,
Astoria, NY 11106
Uncle George’s has been serving fine Greek food since 1985. It is a warm and cosy place, with friendly service and the prices will not shock you either. Check out their catering menu for your next party. Here are some of the items from their dinner menu.
beef chunks in tomato sauce $ 9.00
roast lamb oven baked $ 9.50
spaghetti with meat sauce ground beef $ 7.00
pork chops thick and lean $ 11.00

Spanish Style European Restaurants, Queens

Marbella Restaurant
220-33 Northern Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361
Marabella is an extremely elegant, first class Continental Spanish Restaurant. They have banquet facilities and their own garage, so the is no parking problem. Reservations are strongly suggested, as far in advance as possible. They are very popular and fill up fast. Look at these dinner menu items and you will see why.
Lenguado Islas Canarias…..$
Filet of Sole Sauteed with Banana Strips
Lenguado al Champan…..$
Filet of Sole and Shrimp in a Mushroom and Champagne Sauce
Lenguado a la Jefe…..$
Filet of Sole Stuffed with Crabmeat

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