The Best Heels Over $100: Sandals, Shoes and More

Great heels are one shoe product that may just have to cost you over $100 to really get a good stylish pair with a designer look. While most people might realize that a good heel can be pricey, some people may need a little convincing. Try on one of these great heels and you will see that breaking the $100 mark can get you style and comfort that will last for many many fashion seasons! Here are some of my top picks for great heels that cost over $100.

The “Emaline” Evening Sandal from Calvin Klein is one of my favorite heels. It barely breaks the $100 mark coming in at about $130. My favorite feature of this great dressy heel is the lovely 2-3/4″ stacked heel. Nothing says you are ready for a dressy evening out than a nice tall heel. At slightly under three inches I find this heel comfortable, but still tall enough to make a difference. You can buy the “Emaline” Evening Sandal from Calvin Klein in either black or silver. I love the silver shoe because it is so fashionable right now. It is easy to find a great black heel, but fabulous silver one that isn’t over the top is rare indeed. I love this shoe because it is slinky, sexy, and looks great on and off. Walking in this shoe is also very easy to do. No worrying about twisting your ankle or having the shoe slide off as you walk. The “Emaline” Evening Sandal from Calvin Klein offers up a great little sparkle that makes them perfect with almost any type of pant or skirt. I love to wear these with some great jeans and a crisp white shirt. That way all eyes are on my great heels!

The Circa Joan & David “Genevieve” Sandal is another must have heel that every girl should have in their closet! This super sexy heel comes in at an astounding 3-3/4 inches. Not that is some added height. If you love to wear a super high heel this is the shoe for you! You can buy this cute braided leather sandal in black or silver. A pair of the “Genevieve” Sandals from Circa Joan & David will cost you about $125.00. It is a great investment for a shoe that will be stylish for years to come.

My last favorite heel for over $100 is the Hale Bob “Sweete” Slide. This over the top heel comes in leopard print. Yes, I do think a little leopard print should be in everyone’s wardrobe. Just don’t’ go over the top with this eye popping pattern. Pair these heels with a simple black shirt and some jeans or even a great black skirt and black top and you will have everyone noticing your feet. My favorite feature of this super sexy heel is the colored stone accents. You have to go all the way if you are gonna wear leopard print! This shoe is also the tallest of the three heels. It comes in at an amazing 4-3/4 inches. The heel is metal and I personally think a great weapon for a lone walk home from a night of partying! The 4-3/4 inch heel is mad slightly easier to walk in if you consider hat the shoe is on a Ã?½ inch front platform rise. That is what you can tell yourself anyway. You should definitely wear this shoe when you are in the mood to party. This is one heel that was not made for work or church! A pair of the Hale Bob “Sweete’ Slide heel will cost you about $109.00. You can find them at Macy’s.

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