The Best Italian Restaurants in Forest Hills, New York

As a gourmand of fine Italian food, I have seatched all over the town of Forest Hills in New York City, looking for the best restaurants. Finally, I have compliled a list of all of the best places for food and how their prices, service, and selection stack up.

The best Italian Restaurant I have found is called Pasta Lovers. The restaurant has its own parking lot for its customers with a valet to help you park. The restaurant is also pretty big. Half the place has booths that seat 4-5 people and the other side has tables for large parties of people. A host will seat you as you immediately come into the restaurant. In the place, there is a television on each side with a sports event playing. Once you are seated you are also given fresh bread to eat along with a bread stick with basil and tomatoes, a very taste mixture. Once a waitor has seen that you are ready to order, they come over to you immediately. The service is really exceptional. The waitors are all really friendly. My favorite dish has been the spaghetti Salmone, a linguini pasta dish served withpieces of salmon in a pink sauce with a touch of wine in it. It is delicious. All of the portion sizes they serve are all enormous. The spaghetti Salmone dish is served in a giant circular bowl that most customers don’t end up finishing but they take home the leftovers. When a customer is ready to order desert, the waitor will come around with a giant circular tray filled with a sample of each of their desserts to see what they look like. Among the choices include canolies, chocolate moose cake, cheesecake, cherry cheesecake, and a fruit salad. Every type is delicious.

Another great place is called the Family Restaurant. The set up is very nice, although the place can be a bit crowded on busy nights. Another problem is their lack of parking. While they do have vale service for anyone who owns a car, there is no parking lot and the streets are often filled up. Inside, the wait for a table might take around a half an hour. However the food is very good. My favorite dish there has been the Seabass, a soft fish served in a light lemon sauce. Your taste buds will immediately taste how great their fodo is. The prices of the foods are a bit above average. A family of four usually comes to around $70-$80 after tip and tax.

Another place is called Dasa Vana. This restaurant is unique in that it truly feels like little Italy. Soft Italian music is played in the background and dinner is served over candle light and flowers. The food is also good but not great. The place is also extremely small and cannot hold many people. However, usually the wait isn’t very long because most people have not heard about this restaurant. There is no parking nor is there any vale service. I suggest walking is preferable to the restaurant and if you have to drive it may take a while to find parking.The prices are reasonable but you may find that some items are overpriced like their drinks and deserts.

Finally, there is Avelinos, a pizza and pasta restaurant. Half of the restaurant is devoted for pizza customers while the other half is a restaurant for Italain food. The food is average and their best dish is Filet of Sole, a soft fish served in a light buter and cream sauce that is delicious. The prices are reasonable and most things are nto overpriced like other places. The service is average but that is because the restaurant section is small.

I hope these reviews have been helpful and I encourage you to try any of these places if you are in the town.

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