The Best Lingerie Web Sites on the Net

Lingerie is something that is catered to each individual’s tastes. Whereas some women like flannel granny gowns best, others like only the skimpiest nightwear. Most lingerie stores sell the basics: bras, panties, garter belts and robes but if you’re looking for something in particular, such as a maid outfit, it might be a little harder to find. And, prices vary considerably from store to store making it easy to overpay if you’re not careful. One other thing to consider is size. Just because a woman wears a large size doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look and feel sexy too.

One site that has been around since the early nineties is They not only have a wide selection of lingerie to suit most any woman but they also have plus sizes as well as hosiery and heels. They have a nice selection of bustiers, sexy dresses, robes and underwear in many colors and styles. Prices are fairly reasonable and, no matter how large or small your order, you pay one flat rate. Don’t look for flannel here, though, designs are more risque.

Eros Lingerie, at, specializes in leather designs for men and women. The designs are risque so don’t expect to find simplistic styles with wispy fabrics. The prices are great, though, and they even have a clearance section where you’ll find fabulous deals. This is an adult site.

Cameo Lingerie,, is a place that features outlandish costumes, risque numbers, and typical lingerie. They have leather designs, costumes like Tinkerbell or Little Bo Peep, and they even have sexy hair! Prices are average and selection is good.

Plus size, leather garments, men’s wear, boots, wigs, body stockings, musical underwear – this place has it all! Prices are a little high but there’s a clearance section that offers the best bargains. Visit to see all the selections.

For lingerie that’s comfy, sexy, and very appealing to the guy in your life visit where lots of the designs have a football theme. Prices are average to a little high but selection is good.

There is a low price guarantee at . You’ll find a full range of lingerie from fine imported bras and gowns to sexy and risque lingerie.

Getting married? Angel Body Wear has the designs you need for your trousseau. They also have corsets, pantyhose, baby doll outfits and much more. Shop by price, best sellers, specials or particular categories. Decent prices and free shipping after purchasing a particular amount.

Lingerie At Large specializes in larger sizes but they also offer regular sizes, men’s wear, stockings, heels, and love accessories. Check out their huge line of costumes, wedding wear and other selections. Fair prices.

At they try to please everyone. You’ll find clothing, shoes, costumes of all types, plus sizes, leather, lace, and various other selections. Their site offers some unique items such as flavored massage oils, candles, books, videos, romantic games, and even weekend getaway kits. There’s a language translator, too, so you can shop in Italian, Spanish or even Portugese.

What’s great about shopping at is that the selection is seemingly endless. They have great categories, too, like Hippies & Retro, His & Hers, Old Fashioned, Sports, Fairy Tales, and even Cowgirls & Indians! The prices are slightly above what you’ll find at some other sites. They usually have a sales page as well as free shipping.

Lingerie for women who want simple nightshirts and nightgowns can be found at,, or

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