The Best Nude Beaches in the World

Nude beaches, if that’s your liking can be found in some of the best countries in the world. Although nude beaches are actually illegal in the States they’re perfectly legal in other places. Although Hawaii is part of the U.S. there’s a beach where nudity is permitted, or at least where authorities tend to turn a blind eye.

Big Beach, also called Oneloa Beach, is a well-known spot for those visiting Hawaii but nearby, there’s Little Beach, a known nudist favorite. It’s situated just over the northern bluff by Big Beach. Little Beach is also known for having one of the most easily accessed scuba diving spots on Maui. During the week Little Beach is practically vacant but is very crowded on weekends.

Red Beach, Greece is not only beautiful but nudity is permitted everywhere except for in the dining room. The sun is hot, the waters are crystal blue and the little cottages nearby are quaint and welcoming. You can also treat yourself to visitations of ancient ruins situated near the beach. There are caves in which to explore when not lying in the sun. There are many nude beaches in Greece including Andros, Fourni, Halki, Leros, Patmos, Samos, Skyros and Tilos.

Wreck Beach, in British Columbia, is an almost-eight kilometer beach that’s bordered by wilderness. Two hundred-foot high cliffs are only part of the awe when you visit Wreck Beach. Over a half-million visitors go to Wreck Beach every year to lay bare in the sun and view the wildlife such as parrots, magpies, great glue herons, and eagles. On summer weekends it’s not unusual to see over 10,000 people on the beach at once.

Praia do Pinho Beach in Brazil is a place where entire families often visit. There are strict rules at the beach to ensure comfort and safety of everyone who visits. One of the rules is that single nude men may not enter the beach. Women, families, or opposite-sex couples are allowed to enter but not single men. This is said to cut down on the beach being overrun with homosexual activity. One other rule is that you must be nude. Some beaches are clothing-optional but this one requires every visitor to be nude.

Samurai Beach in New South Wales, Australia is only a few minutes from Port Stephens. The beach is surrounded by bushland and sand dunes and offers excellent swimming and surfing. Clothing is optional at the half-mile stretch of beach area which is often beyond crowded. Nude Olympics are held here in November with events that include a nude torch relay, nude surfing and the nude beach men and women competition.

The Ocho Rios Beach in Jamaica features much more than just a nudist environment. The waterfalls surrounding the beach are gorgeous. Nearby are restaurants, shopping and tours like Chukka Cove, Safari rides or Cranbook Flower Forest.

There are many nude beaches around the world where you can tan all-over, if that’s your preference, but make sure you understand certain rules that these beaches may implement or you could find yourself sitting it out in a hotel room instead.

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