The Best Online Resources for Medical Advice

Health issues plague millions of Americans but new technology has made it easier for an online diagnosis to help with the decision of whether or not to see a doctor or learn more about a particular condition. One of the very best web sites for health issues is This site has a fabulous search engine where you can type in symptoms to find possible ailments. Or, you can search their database alphabetically for info on an illness you may have. You can also find a doctor in your area or post a message at their interactive board.

Dr. Koop, former surgeon general, also has an impressive site covering a wide variety of health-related topics like drug interaction info, health check quizzes, and alphabetized ailments. Covering everything from acne to injuries, to weight loss this site is extremely helpful:

Medicine Net, , features info on over 400 medical conditions, 100 tests and procedures, along with a medical dictionary with over 6,000 listings.

Health A to Z covers any possible medical condition you could have, provides online communities and support centers, and a calendar of events. The directory includes more than 50,000 health resources:

Geared towards helping you make informed decisions about your health is where you’ll find dozens of health topics, symptom descriptions, ailment encyclopedia, videos, animations and much, much more.

Pharm Web is an interesting site that serves not only the patient but the health professional as well. There you’ll find a discussion forum, conference calendar, drug alert info, patient information, and an internet directory. Find it all at

Medline Plus has a wealth of health information from the National Library of Medicine. Located at the site features directories for finding doctors, dentists and hospitals, updated health news, medical encyclopedia and over 700 health topics.

At you can search for diseases or ailments, get an online check up, find an organization to help with your particular case, and locate all types of health care assistance.

If you travel you may have particular health concerns. Find out what you need to know about traveling to foreign places at where the information is provided by the US Center for Disease Control.

The famous Mayo Clinic has a good web site for health issues, located at This site provides healthy recipes, resources for family health care, help with treatment decisions, tons of info about drugs and supplements, along with children’s health alerts and health quizzes.

For health related topics concerning the entire family, from newborn to elderly, visit

Ever think you’ve been mis-diagnosed? Visit

There are lots of web sites concerning newborns and infants, like,,, or

For information on rare diseases, how to treat them, and what to expect, go to

Find support groups in your area depending upon the condition you have by searching at

All about drugs, interactions, warnings and precautions is found here:

Another great support group site is at

All about the health of kids:

Specific conditions of women:

Men’s health issues:

Chat groups for afflicted persons can be found at,,, or

Sign up for a newsletter featuring regular health articles and nutrition:

There are many web sites dedicated to particular health problems that plaque thousands of people. These web sites are helpful in understanding the ailment and with finding others who share the same plight. Here are some of these specific sites:

Alzheimer’s and brain disorders:


Back problems:

Chronic pain:

Cancer: or

Cancer in children: or

Digestive system:

Ear, nose and throat:

Foot ailments:

Heart problems:


Lung disease:


Terminal illness:

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