The Best Pizza in Central NJ

One thing that I love about central New Jersey is the pizza. One of my favorite pizza shops is Vinny Pizza and Italian Restaurant. They are located at 275 Amboy Avenue, Metuchen NJ 08840. The telephone number is 732-321-1191. They are open Monday -Thursday 10am-10:30pm and Friday and Saturday 11am to 11pm. They have the best thin crust pizza I have ever tasted. Their delivery is always on time. They have a very neat and clean shop, and the prices are reasonable. I also really liked their Lasagna and they make pretty good sandwiches as well. I would definitely recommend you give this one a try. Another thing that I would highly recommend about this shop is the catering services that they offer. They are very good. I have a last minute emergency and needed some food right away, I gave them a call and they had everything ready in about an hour. Is that great service or what? And of course the food tasted great, everyone loved it.

Another pizza shop that I really like is Franks Pizza and Restaurant. They are located at 518 Old Post Road, Edison NJ. The telephone number is 732-287-0228. The pizza here is excellent and the have the best staff. They are all very friendly and you get you food quick, no long waiting here. I think that this is a great place to take the family out to eat. They have lots of other dishes that you can try, but I personally love the pizza. It’s not greasy like some pizza, and they use fresh ingredients, which really makes a difference.

Last but certainly not least is Tony’s Pizza and Restaurant. They are located at 716 Oak Tree Avenue and the telephone number is 908-754-1181. A really nice place for the family to eat. They have great pizza, and I also love their mozzarella sticks. I have eaten at dozens of pizza shops and these three are the best Italian restaurants that I have ever eaten at. I would highly recommend that anyone who is visiting the Central NJ area and feeling a little hungry, you should give these shops a try.

No matter where I go I am always on the look out for some great tasting Italian food. Most of all of course pizza. The best pizza is from the shops that use only fresh ingredients. The three that I have listed about all use very fresh ingredients, and never serve you old pizza that has been sitting out all day like some shops do. One final suggestion would be never to go during lunchtime to any of the places listed above. Unless of course you have a two hour lunch break. Or you can call your order in ahead of time this way it is ready for you when you get there. Of course the best places are always crowded at lunch time.

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