The Best Restaurant in Eastern Connecticut

There are several reasons to plan your dining out experiences around a small restaurant/take out location in the town of Plainfield in eastern Connecticut called Gus’s Pub. First and foremost is the quality of the food, but close behind are the friendly atmosphere and the convenient location. Gus’s Pub, located at 5 Babcock Avenue, is a first rate eating establishment for those who don’t want to cook after a hard day at work or simply want to treat themselves to some of the best food in the area. Open seven days a week, Gus’s Pub makes you feel like family, except nobody argues over who does the dishes when the meal is over.

Gus’s Pub can be found off of Connecticut Interstate 395 in Plainfield. You can take either exit 88 or 87 to reach this destination. If you come off of 87, you need to proceed to Route 12 and then turn right at the stoplight. After traveling approximately three quarters of a mile, you will come to a stoplight at the intersection of Routes 14 and 12. Take a left at the light and then a right at the light at the bottom of the hill and Gus’s Pub sits on your right, the first building on Babcock Avenue. If you use exit 88, coming from the north, head west on Route 14A, also known as Academy Hill Road, until you reach Route 12. Take a left onto Route 12 heading south and at the light turn right. Down the hill and your first left is Gus’s Pub. There is more than adequate parking, which until recently was not the case. However, expanded lots have solved that logistical problem.

One of the assets this establishment has going for it is that it is located close to a major interstate, one that leads to two of the largest casinos in the World, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. It makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to eat at Gus’s Pub, which is only twenty minutes from the casinos, especially if you are coming from the areas of Worcester or even Boston. Plan your trip so that you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices at the casino eateries for clearly inferior food and service.

The food at Gus’s Pub is superior to that of any other restaurant in the region. The menu features all of the usual Italian staples from spaghetti and meatballs to veal parmigiana. Gus’s has a wide range of pizzas and grinders available, for prices that will not make it necessary to win the lottery before ordering. Daily specials such as Shepard’s pie or pork chops are always popular, and the variety of seafood dishes you can have include a fisherman’s platter and the best fish and chips you will ever eat! The taco salad is a special treat. The portions of food are usually more than the average person can handle at one sitting. The reasonable prices cannot be stressed enough.

Gus’s Pub is a triple threat restaurant, meaning there is one side with booths for walk in and sit-down service, another side with a bar and tables, and a take out counter. Gus’s Pub serves beer and wine on the bar side. Gus and his right hand man, Dino, are almost always there with a quick smile and a “How are you doing?” The wait staff is friendly to a fault and very capable.

If there are any negative comments one can make about Gus’s Pub, they would center on one thing, which brings to mind the Yogi Berra quote, “Nobody goes there any more, it is too crowded!” On Friday nights especially, you will be hard pressed to find an open table. The overwhelming success of Gus’s Pub is a testament to its food and service. It is a wonderful and casual dining experience that should be taken advantage of if you are in the area.

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