The Best Sunscreens to Protect You This Summer

With summer just around the corner, you can be sure that plenty of people will be heading to the beach and lake to soak up some sun and work on their tans. However, in this day age with skin cancer and the depletion of the ozone it’s very important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. With that in mind, here are some great sunscreens and other products that will protect your skin but still let you get that killer tan.

The first sunscreen you should try is Coppertone SPF 45 original sun block lotion. Coppertone has been the leader in sunscreen for decades, and this is their best seller. The SPF 45 is perfect if you are going to send long hours in the sun as it also has PARSOL 1789 for extra UVA protection. The Coppertone SPF 45 is waterproof and also has aloe and vitamin E for moisturizing. The Coppertone SPF 45 is definitely for those skin types that are fair or burn easily. It’s fairly inexpensive and will run you around $5 in most drug stores.

If you are a little more active, then you should try Panama Jack Surf N’ Sport sunscreen. It goes on thick and is waterproof, so it won’t run and you won’t have to reapply if you go in the water or get sweaty from being in the sun. The SPF 15 Surf N’ Sport will protect you from UVA and UVB rays, and is preferred by athletes, surfers, and anyone working in the sun for long periods of time. This particular Panama Jack product is also paba free. A small tube of the Surf N’ Sport (3 fl. Oz.) will run you around $6, so it is one of the more expensive, but it’s worth it. Check out their website at

The cheapest sunscreen you can get is the No-Ad SPF 15. Although a 16 fl. Oz. Bottle will run only a few dollars, the product still gets the job done. The No-Ad can be found at places like K-Mart and Wal-Mart so it will be cheap and easy to find. Even though it’s cheap, it still is waterproof and sweatproof and provide up to 80 minutes of protection. An added bonus is the aloe, cocoa butter, and vitamin E that are mixed in to keep your skin soft and radiant. Visit their website at for purchases and more information.

If you do end up spending a little too much time in the sun and get a nasty burn, try Panama Jack’s Green Ice Cooling Gel. This 100% pure aloe vera product will cool most sunburn and moisturize the dry skin that comes from prolonged exposure to the sun. The aloe soothes your burns and will prevent peeling if you apply it liberally. For a treat, throw it in the freezer for some chilling relief. A 12 oz. bottle will run you around $10, but there is no reason to skimp on price when you are dealing with sunburn. Panama Jack’s Green Ice will make you feel like you weren’t even in the sun.

This summer, make sure you protect yourself from the sun and put on sunscreen before you spend any time outdoors. The sun’s rays can definitely cause extensive damage, so use any of the products listed here to protect yourself yet still get a nice tan.

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