The Best Video Games for Young Kids

Children’s video games are rated by age, amount of violence if any, and other key points but sometimes, after purchasing a video game, we discover that they’re boring, don’t offer many options, or simply aren’t suitable for small kids. Based on key points like kid-friendliest, entertainment, challenge, education and price, these are the top video games of today:

Lego Star Wars – The Video Game: In this game the kid becomes the Star Wars character and attempts to battle his way through the scenes of the movie but the game takes a twist and encourages kids to do some problem-solving along the way. PS2, Win, Xbox, Rated E

Nintendogs – Nintendo of America: This is a pet game that has realistic-looking apuppies that respond to commands. The dogs are interactive and a wireless bark mode lets other kids’ Nintendo dogs visit yours. DS, Rated E

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: Here’s an adventure game that tours the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory where puzzles and chocolate are the order of the day. The plot features scenes from the movie and there are various levels, along with an option to save the game each time you play. Game Cube, GBA, PS2, Win, Xbox, Rated E

Disney’s Chicken Little: You’ll be impressed by the graphics on this game which lets kids help characters across bridges, tunnels and guide wires. The missions are simple and the fun never-ending. Game Cube, PS2, Win, Xbox, Rated E

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire: fight dragons and explore the Black Lake with this exciting game that gives options of playing alone or playing with another person. This game is really for kids around 10 years of age. GBA, DS, Game Cube, PS2, PSP, Win, Xbox, Rated E

Dora The Explorer – Journey To The Purple Planet: Another Dora game, but this one features single-button controls for young kids. Kids help Dora and Boots find fuel crystals to help send aliens back to their planet. Game Cube, PS2, Rated EC

Scooby Doo Unmasked: Collect enough Scooby Snacks to free Fred’s cousin and ward off monsters. This game is easy to learn and very simple for youngsters to play. DS, Game Cube, GBA, PS2, Xbox, Rated E

Graffiti Kingdom: The unique thing about this game is that kids can draw their own monsters before playing. If they give their monster wings, it can fly. If they give it wheels, it can speed down the road. This game is unique and fun. PS2, Rated E

Karaoke Revolution Party: Dance on a plug-in dance pad while you sing and your performance will be displayed on the screen! Fun and different, this game is rated E but especially suitable for 8 to 10 year olds. Game Cube, PS2, Xbox

Disney’s Kim Possible 3 – Team Possible: Although this game requires some reading it’s fun for 7 to 12 year olds and is rated E. Players battle Dr. Drakken and his monkeys, looking for a stolen photo album. More fun than it sounds, especially for those who love Kim Possible. GBA

Ed, Edd N’ Eddy – The Misedventures: Although this is a one-person game it’s fast-paced and lots of fun. Mazes, stink bombs and other surprises make this game a real winner, particularly to kids who love the tv show. PS2, Game Cube, GBA, Win, Xbox,

Kirby – Canvas Curse: Move Kirby through a series of mazes where you use the stylus rather than the controller. DS, Rated E

Yoshi Topsy-Turvy: This games comes complete with built-in motion sensor so players can rock, lean and tilt the GBA to move Yoshi through mazes. GBA, Rated E

Mario Superstar Baseball: Kids and adults will like this game which includes options for up to 4 players. Easy to learn and play. Game Cube, Rated E

Spongebob Squarepants – Lights, Camera, Pants: Four players can participate in any one of 34 mini games which encourage team work. You’ll need more than one controller but it’s a fun time for all. Game Cube, GBA, PS2, Win, Xbox, Rated E

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