The Best Way to Survive a Home Foreclosure

Having your home foreclose on you is a stressful time, especially if you do not have anywhere to move to. Many people want to blame themselves, the economy and even the government. You can blame anyone you want to blame but certainly this doesn’t help your situation. You need a place to live and you need income. When my home was being foreclosed I was unable to work a full-time job. I was still working as much as I could and I had found my wife a job also. We started to formulate a plan more geared toward survival. We realized at the time that the economic situation in the USA would not favor us saving the home.

Even if we worked two jobs and saved up the money to save the home, it would have been very difficult to finance it again. We started to look for alternative places to live that wouldn’t cost us anything. We actually found several places that would be happy to allow us to live in homes that were contingent on us doing building maintenance, yard work or similar tasks. We contacted many different people and interviewed them. We found a place to take care of and saved a small amount of money. Sold all the things that we really never needed in the first place and moved. You would be surprised to learn all the things that you really do not need. We had several garage sales and donated plenty of items to anyone who needed them.

Sure we were a little ahead of the curve as far as the USA financial crisis but it sure seemed inevitable to me and I am not a doom and gloomier. It was sort of traumatic for the family but it was teaching everyone valuable lessons. Survival depends on creativity and action. The people who thought that they would be taken care of by using faith and taking no action are without homes and many are living on the street. The place we found to take care of has more resources than our own home. We started a garden and took extra good care of the fruit trees that were already established. We learned about almost everything on the property that we eatable. Now you may think we are lucky or smart. But neither is the case we took action before it was to late. Learn to follow your gut, If it doesn’t feel right it probably is not. Come up with some alternative living solutions on your own. Sure thousands of Americans are going to be on the street and homeless before this is over but you do not have to be one of them. Get creative and find a solution for you and your family like I did.

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