The Big Decision of Putting a Loved One in a Nursing Home

The decision to put someone you love or care about into a nursing home is never an easy decision. Most people fear the worst and think that their relative or friend who is being put into the nursing home will be treated poorly. However that not often the case.

Nursing homes are simply for people who can no longer take care of themselves any more because of old age or a disability. These days more and more people are entering nursing homes.

Most people usually have three options when it comes to taking care of someone who can’t take care on themselves anymore. The first option is to move in with them and take care of them or have him or her move in with you in your house to take care of them.

The second option is to hire a private nursing aid who comes to that person’s house during the day and feeds them and helps them get to their daily activities. However a nursing aid can be very expensive.

That is why most people use the third option which is to put someone in a nursing home. Nursing homes are basically places like hospitals in which the people are put into rooms. For most places the rooms are split into two parts so that two people livei n a room. Each person gets a bed, a television, a closet, bathroom and phone to use.

The elderly at the hospital get to bring all of their belongings to the nursing home because chances are, they will be spending the rest of their life there.

It is a little depressing to think of someone as having to spend the rest of their life in one place but that is the reality and there isn’t much you can do about it. For some people, sickness and old age will take over their body as they will have to go through constant doctoral treatment.

The good thing about a nursing home is that friends and family can always visit that person in the nursing home whenever they want. However for the person who is going to live in the nursing home, the experience can be depressing. Even though friends and family will tell you that they will stop by and see you, your family members only come by every few months and friends you use to sea will not be bothered to drive all the way to your nursing home to see you. Only your close friends whom you have known your entire life will come see you. That is the reality and even though I wish it weren’y true, it is. I have had first hand experience with one of my relatives in a nursing home and it is a very sorry sight.

Whenever we see my uncle in the nursing home my parents tell me stories that they remember of my uncle’s glory days. The days that he would tell jokes while sitting around the dinner table. The days that he was a textile manufacturer and make a lot of money for his generation. It is sad to see my uncle who is almost 90 years of age as his health has deteriorated very badly to the point that it is hard to have a conversation with him.

Most nursing homes are the same and for people who are rich they can afford the best nursing homes that money can buy. most of the time rich people will hire a private aid to help that person get through daily activities though.

Every nursing home has a central dining hall with some entertainment of a singer or man playing an instrument.

I would like to say that the people in the nursing home make friends; which they do. However as everyone is old in age, soom people pass away and it takes a very rough toll of other people.

I hope you do not have to make the tough decision of putting a loved one or friend in a nursing home but for many people in America that is the only option and there is no alternative. Most people simply cannot bear on the financial responsibility of nhaving someone stay in their house nor can they afford to pay for a private aid. I wish I was biased in my view of nursing homes and to some extent I probably am. But from what I have seen, living in a nursing home from that person’s perspective can be a very boring and depressing life.

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