The Bond Between Science and Religion

Now that I have had time to think about this, I believe that religion and science are closely related. More so than most religious leaders, and the scientist would like to admit.

Therefore, it is only fair to start at the beginning. Scientist claim that the (big bang) is the actual start to life on earth, those us who have read the bible, or at least heard the story of Genesis. Know that this story tells of a powerful sprit that controls the universe. God, is the name this great sprit is known. God is also the master of all religions, except Satanism. Science doesn’t give a name as one responsible for the big bang theory. Therefore, it is simply referred to as the big bang theory.

According to the theory, two planets collided and/or one was hit by a comet and pushed into the orbit of the sun. All of that theory or claim can be true. The reason is simple, had God chose to bring earth into an atmosphere that would contain life, he would need sunshine and water, and those two elements would be provided within the suns’ orbit. Which only makes scenes he would cause such a collision to have this occur. This act would also be the birth of religion and science.

The second step would be the creation of man, or the evolution of man, creation, Gods’ word, evolution, science theory. I would be inclined to think just about everyone has heard of Adam and Eve. I know that a lot of people believe we just popped up one day. The theory says that this was done by either fish or mammals emerging from the sea, ocean, or bodies of water, and moving onto land. After years of land living, they became apes, or neanderthals, and eventually becoming what we are today.

God says he put Adam on the earth, then gave him a woman he called Eve. Adam, meaning first, and Eve, meaning last, this was not done to downgrade the woman, but only so because of timing.

Adam and Eve, were left to live a life of happiness and unity. Their story tells us that they became impatient of what was too become of them, and chose to learn more by seeking greater knowledge elsewhere. God did not approve of their choice, and out they went.

To see the connection between religion and science here, one must remember that man, meaning men and women, are made-up from mostly water, and giving science a great base for the idea that we came from the sea. Only problems for science, is the referral to the missing link.

Somewhere along the trail of man stepping out of the water, and walking upright, the theory loses an explanation. This lost piece of information has become known as the missing link.

On the other hand, Adam and Eve were living on the land and the fish were in the water. Adam would have fished for food and Eve would have worked the garden. In religion the story continues to inform us that Adam and Eve had children. Their children had children and the cycle of life had begun.

I understand that this would imply incest, and like it or not it does. God had told us in this story that Adam and Eve were to multiply and they did, as did their offspring. This is why God tells us we are all brothers and sisters. It is also here that we learn of the connection between the caveman and us. Being that we are all related from Adam and Eve, there is no missing link, which indicates that the theory/or idea of evolution from mammal or animal really doesn’t hold water.

What it does do though, is place religion and science together as it proves that man went from dragging their knuckles along the ground, to standing erect and using the brain as an intelligence tool, other than surviving on instinct alone.
Step three, the great flood of religion, or, the great up-heave of the planet earth by science.

Science tells us that once again a comet had either struck earth, or passed by so close that it caused the planet to change direction of its orbit. Which makes absolute sense, because as science tells us, the rotation of the earth around the sun is about 67,000 miles per hour. Therefore, a sudden change of direction would cause an up-heave or great flood and giving credit to the religious story of Noah.

In the story of Noah, we are told of a flood that would change the way man would live forever. Science shows that prehistoric life came to an end, and mankind forever changed after the up-heave.

Major difference between the two is just how mankind survived the up heave/ flood. Religion says that Noah, built an ark. He and his family lived in this ark for a long period of time. Some find this hard to believe, because of all the animals that were on board the ark, there would be a need to feed them, and clean up after them? What would the sleeping quarters have been like? The answers to these questions are within what one understands about the most powerful sprit in the universe. Simply put, he had them sleep until the water receded.

Science doesn’t proclaim much about what happened to man at this point. In-fact, man is kind of ignored in this history of science. Books of science will inform us that dinosaurs of great size were eliminated from existence. This indicates that nothing other than maybe fish survived. Bringing us back to the theory of man came from fish, accept, cavemen walked among dinosaurs, placing man on earth at the time of the flood/ up-heave.

This would indicate that Gods’ word, or story, is closer to the truth of mankind surviving. Religion continues to inform us that man, Noah’s family, left the ark and began to replenish the earth, brothers and sisters again?

Knowing that man dates back thousands of years, by scientific proof, and knowing of the story of Abraham, we can see the connection, or bond, between religion and science. Scientists have shown by examination of bones unearthed, that mankind most likely began in one origin. In Gods’ story of Abraham, we are told that Abraham would be the father of many. So many that God would say, (Abraham, you will father more sons, than there are grains of sand). Now many of us, believers of religion or science, would find that statement hard to believe. However, through the works of science and the discovery of DNA, and just what is proven by the use of DNA, we now know that every human male on earth has the (y) gene. We also know that our genes are passed by our parents, which can only be the evidence of the story of Abraham.

What this tells us, is science did not invent God, but that God created science, so we could prove to ourselves that he is for real. This would be like God saying, I did it, prove I did not. Science cannot prove he didn’t, they can only prove he did.

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