The Broncos Weak Link

Peyton Manning is the Broncos weak link. It seems strange to say that considering he is putting up unrealistic numbers this season. It’s sad that a teams entire hope rest on one person but that is the reality of the game these days.

Peyton Manning is having a very rough time with his ankles and it one good hit away from killing the Broncos season. If you look at the Broncos run game it is nowhere near the level that they need to be able to take the load if Peyton Manning is injured. The Broncos currently rank 20th in the league for rushing. Does anyone really believe that Brock Osweiler has any chance of holding up the team on his shoulders? If the Broncos could actually get traction in the run game it would take the pressure off Manning and make it a dual threat team, but realistically at this point they are a one facet team.

The only way to really address this issue is to improve ball protection which right now seems to be an area that Manning is really lacking in, and also to provide better protection to the one player that can actually elevate the Broncos through the playoffs to the Super Bowl. The other big X factor is the absence of John Fox. The sooner he can return to the sidelines as a coach, the sooner Denver fans will be able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

This is a season that for anything less then a Super Bowl victory will be a failure for the Broncos. John Elway deserves credit for assembling a great team on paper but without it clicking on all levels, passing rushing and defense, it is destined for disappointment.

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