The Cheap Way to Own a Bullfrog

Bullfrogs are one of the largest frogs you can get in the US. Even though the bullfrog is easier to care for then other frogs they still require a lot of swimming and land space. Between the tank and other supply’s you could end up paying a lot of money.

Everything that is required for owning a bullfrog:

1. A large tank
2. A lid for your tank
3. A large pool of water to cool off in
4. A hiding hut for land
5. Plants for land
6. Land source
7. Food

You could end up paying a lot for all of these supplies, so now it’s time to find the cheap way out for owning a bullfrog.

Note: Everything below will be perfectly safe for a bullfrog’s habitat.

Before you buy a bullfrog you’ll need a large tank to put it in. Tank dimensions should be somewhere around 48″x 15″x 30″. Buying a tank this size would cost you anywhere from 600.00 to 1,000.00 dollars +.

The cheap tank:
Bullfrogs don’t require glass tanks for living space, you can still use glass if you would like, but it’ll cost you a lot of money. Since bullfrogs don’t need glass tanks you could use a plastic container. Your container will still have to be around the dimensions showed above, but it’s relatively easy to find them in any shape of size. Plastic containers usually come with a custom fit lid; you’ll have to get one that comes with a lid. A container this big would cost anywhere from 10.00 to 35.00 dollars. If you decide to listen and go with the plastic wear instead of glass tanks, then you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Next you have to look at the swimming pool for your bullfrog’s tank. It is very important to have a water source in a bullfrog’s habitat, because bullfrogs are both water and land frogs.

Swimming pool:
You can go to the pet store and buy yourself a plastic pool made for a bullfrog habitat, but these can cost you around 35.00 dollars. These pools are nothing more than plastic morphed into a variety of shapes, and sold with a mass amount price tag.

The cheap pool:
If you would like to avoid that big price tag, then you have to read this paragraph! When ready to purchase a pool for your bullfrog don’t buy an over priced reptile pool, buy a large plastic dog food dish. Dog food dishes are also sold in a variety of shapes and sizes; you need the extra large food dish. It doesn’t matter if it’s solid or see through, blue or pink, as long as it’s what you want. You can install the food dish the same way that you were going to install the swimming pool. The average large dog food dish ranges from 10.00-13.00 dollars, so this would save you around 22.00 dollars.

Hiding huts:
hiding huts can really vary. There’s nothing specific that is required for a bullfrog to hide in, but you do need some sort of hide away for it to rest in. I recommend that you use something such as: a curved piece of bark, a big rock to hide behind, or something close to those. Just use something cheap. You don’t really need to buy anything for this, you can just use nature.

Plants for the land:
You can use weeds for your bullfrog’s habitat, it really won’t care. You can just use plants from outside: patches of grass, weeds, flowers, ect…You can accompany the plants with sticks and rocks to give it more of a nature look.

Land source:
Land source can also vary. You can use sand or dirt for land source. I recommend that you use dirt because it’s better for the bullfrog then sand, and its right in your own backyard. You can use the dirt from your flower bed or yard as long as nothing has been sprayed on it such as: fertilizers, anti-bug spray, ect…

Okay, this is the last helpful hint when owning a bullfrog.

Bullfrogs will eat anything that’ll fit in their mouths: ants, flies, butterflies, spiders, snakes, smaller frogs, small birds, mice, crickets, grasshoppers, ect… You can probably find all, if not most, of that in your very own yard. So if you don’t mind looking for bugs or anything other little critters, then that’ll be the place to go for your bullfrog’s food.

Good luck with your bullfrog!

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