The Connection Between Gambling Addictions and Destroyed Families

It is estimated that millions of Americans are addicted to gambling and that number is sure to rise in the future. There are an unlimited number of Americans who flock to their local casinos and others who take long trips just to get to one. In addition to gambling in traditional casinos, gambling has become easier thanks to online casinos, off track betting establishments, and other similar facilities.

There are many individuals who know that they are addicted to gambling, yet they still continue to gamble. There are many reasons why a person may still continue to gamble even when they know that they have a problem. The most common reason is because they are trying to win back the money that they lost. There are many gambling addicts who need to win back their money because they may have obtained it by lying or stealing.

In addition to trying to win back money, there are many gambling addicts who continue to gamble because they feel that they are not hurting anyone else since they are the only ones that are gambling. What many gambling addicts fail to realize is that they are not the only person who is affected by gambling. In fact, gambling can be just as dangerous and hurtful to a person who is not gambling than to one that is. There have been many families in America that have been destroyed due to a gambling addiction.

As previously mentioned there are many gambling addicts who get their gambling money from lying or stealing. This affects a gambler’s family because they are often the one that is being lied to and sometimes money is being stolen from them. It is also not uncommon for an addicted gambler to steal merchandise to sell if they are unable to get their hands on money. Should an addicted gambler get caught stealing merchandise or money they can be arrested or fined. This often causes a lot of problems, emotional and financial, for the family of an addicted gambler.

Even if a an addicted gambler gets their money without lying or stealing it is highly likely that they are spending money that may be needed for their family to survive. Gambling addictions can plague individuals of any financial standing; however, it is more common for middle class individuals to develop a gambling problem. This can cause many financial problems for families that are barely making it by as it is.

The reason why so many families are destroyed due to gambling is because many gamblers refuse to get help for their addiction or they do not even know that there is help available. Without receiving help many husbands or wives feel that it is just easier to walk away then deal with the emotional and financial stress. What many families do not know is that there are support groups for gamblers. There are gambling support groups that are designed just for the gambler, but there are also others that include family members as well. In addition to gambling support groups there are many therapists who specialize in gambling additions. Like the support groups, it is possible for a therapist to see both the gambler in an individual session and their family in another.

With gambling becoming such a problem it is possible that the number of families destroyed by gambling will increase; however, it does not necessarily have to be that way. The best way to combat a gambling addiction and save your family it to stop the problem before it becomes too serious. Gamblers who are noticing a dangerous increase in their gambling habits are encouraged to get help and individuals should always be on the lookout for gambling problems in their spouse or children. Even though it does occur quite often a family does not have to be destroyed due to a gambling addiction.

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