The Crochet Answer Book

No matter how long you have been crocheting, there is bound to come a time when you run into a challenging situation, face an unexpected obstacle or get frustrated by a confusing pattern. Never fear… help has arrived, and in a convenient pocket size!

Edie Eckman, author of The Crochet Answer Book, has managed to compile an amazing list of frequently asked questions and problematic situations that have perplexed crafters over the years. In one concise little volume, she addresses subjects such as “the basic stitches”, “working various shapes” and “the finishing line”. Each segment ranges from a brief paragraph to a few pages, but they all clearly explain what the inquirer wishes to know.

The first chapter appropriately delves into the required tools for the trade. It explains the difference between metric and U.S. systems, tells you which needles are appropriate to obtain your desired gauge and provides easy to understand charts & illustrations throughout.

Ms. Eckman’s goal in writing The Crochet Answer Book was to help everyone interested in the art of crochet build confidence in their work, and have the ability to consult an ‘expert’ on subjects that they might have little knowledge about.

I particularly love the unique size of this book, because it fits into my purse or carry all easily, and it’s sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear of frequent travel. The content is rich, valuable and descriptive, and it truly lived up to this reader’s expectations!

As a gift for yourself, a friend or family member, The Crochet Answer Book is one resource that won’t end up collecting dust on the bookshelf.

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