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Italy is moving to the forefront on the Israel/Lebanon issue and has offered to help try to free the captured Israeli soldiers. Iran has indicated that they are willing to negotiate for their release, but will their demands be too high?

Find out here.

Despite the recent war, Isreali officials are hoping to increase tourism to the region. Their gonna have to make some pretty cheap travel packages to do that.

At your own risk.

The Israeli treasury isn’t too happy about the cost of the war – over NIS 6 Billion, which is way more than they expected. Olmert had better do something quick to salvage his government.

The cost of war.

So much for getting rid of Hezbollah. New billboards are popping up all over Lebanon trumpeting their win against Israel, calling it a “Divine victory.” Yet more wink, wink and a few more nudges.

The new PR for terrorists.

The Hezbollah envoy to Iran has ruled out any disarmament, big surprise there. Yet, they continue to gripe out Israel’s raid that blew their arms shipment as breaking the terms of the ceasefire.

No disarmament here.

Meanwhile, back in Gaza, the Israeli army moved in helicopters and tanks into areas controlled by Palestinian militants. House to house searches are also being conducted. Did they ever free that soldier – and how about the Fox reporters?

The other story.

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