The Dangers of Ebay

Online commerce is a new concept that is trying to engulf the world’s business and have definitely influenced the way that companies are marketing their products. Yet studies have shown that many people still prefer to purchase their items at local retailers rather than over the Internet. Many consumers feel that commercial websites are still too unreliable to bank on and are scarily spurious. This is due to the fact that almost 80% of the commercial websites, including the most renowned eBay, are not designed efficiently so as to promote a healthy growth in the online sales. There are significant reasons, why a great section of the world is avoiding purchasing from the commercial sites – even as renowned as eBay.

The most significant cause is that eBay fails to provide the proper protection for the buyers of merchandise on their site. Many people have unfortunately received unusable goods from an eBay auction, which is a fraudulent act on part of eBay online business. The esteemed layers of these online business centers fight to win a case filed against these corporations depending on the fact that the purchasers do not read the words in fine prints on the myriad forms while clicking “Agree”.

No service after the sale can ever be received in the case of making an eBay purchase. As a matter of fact, business centers like eBay will never give any guarantee or warrantee against any item sold. Once an item is sold, the administration will never take the responsibility to provide the customers with the requisite after sale service.

There is no guarantee regarding the protection of personal information when making a purchase on eBay. Personal details, including credit card information is stored on the site and fraudulent e-mails are often sent requesting that you update your stored information. Leakage of this personal information may throw a buyer into the danger of severe monetary loss.

Occasionally advertised items on the website are not available. It is ridiculous to spend about an hour to initiate the registration, enter all the requisite information, find out the privacy policy to turn off the various spams, search for the desired item and click on it to get it reserved and finally to an utmost surprise learn that the item is out of stock or is no longer available.

Providing insufficient or wrong information is again another serious fault on part of eBay. If you step into a mall to buy a camera, retailers will provide you with the relevant information for the product, including the merchandise display sheet and the manual supplied with the product. Yet online auction sites depend on the sellers to provide the information without assisting in providing product guides or any kind of assistance to support you in making the proper purchase. If the seller provides you with inaccurate information, eBay does not hold the seller responsible and unfortunately the buyer may be out of the money that they paid for the item.

Although eBay charges a fee to sell items on their site, they have no resources that ensure that you will be protected against scams. Both seller and buyer protection are nonexistent on the website

Not responding to queries, low feed back, reverse pricing and most significantly the high shipping cost are the other salient reasons that scares off other potential buyers. So, it is pertinent to be very cautious before you decide to begin making purchasing on the eBay website.

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