The Dawn of Eve

My name is Eve. And, I am the original first lady. Like most women, I came alive during a crisis. My husband (you all know him), Adam, was in need.

Adam was a loving, but simple man. He needed a lot of direction. That’s why I believe God created me. He knew Adam really needed some help. But, like most men – he just didn’t know it.

When he first met me, Adam fell deeply in love. And why not – I was warm, kind and intelligent. I was everything a woman should be. So, as a result, he leaned on me a lot. In return, I gave him love, acceptance, support and guidance. I never steered him wrong – except once.

You all know the story – the snake, the apple (it was really a cumquat), the fall of humanity. Well, I’d be lying if I said listening to that snake wasn’t a h-u-g-e mistake. But, it was one of the few that I made throughout our relationship. And, let’s not forget – I didn’t make it alone. With that point made, you’re probably wondering why I’m speaking to you today. It’s simple; I am dumbstruck over all of the hype surrounding being a woman.

When God created me, he had a purpose in mind. And, it didn’t include a g-string, double D cups and a bag of Maybelline. It also didn’t involve a mop, a washrag and a pile of dirty clothes. I was created to reign with (not under) the man. Now I can hear a bunch of you groaning, so let me explain. All of this confusion began with one simple word – help.

The word help is not a dirty word. When someone needs help, they don’t look for a person who is stupid, inadequate or weak. They try to find someone who is wise, effective and strong. So the term used in Genesis to describe me – helpmeet – shouldn’t be misunderstood. It’s simple; God reinforced me with the extra oomph that was lacking in Adam. (I was God’s new and improved model!) Together, Adam and me were unbeatable.

After all of that snake nonsense, we still had a life. Oh yes, we worked harder, but together. When Adam felt weak, I was strong and vice versa. At the time, we divided up the labor based on skills and experience. We did everything to balance each other out – to make each other happy. Somehow, I thought our relationship would be a model for couples everywhere. Not in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that people would use me as a way to pigeonhole and demean women.

So don’t get it twisted (I believe that’s a term you people use today). Being a woman is still about developing what’s inside. Everything else is optional. So love, support and help. Be yourself. Be a woman

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