The Day After Tomorrow

Imagine walking out to see a storm when suddenly your entire body is frozen within seconds of you stepping outside. It happens in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. It stars Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. Often times when one thinks of an action movie scenes of car chases and in the line of fire are thought of. The Day After Tomorrow is the story of a modern day ice age.

The movie starts out with Sam, a 17 year old failing a class. His mother works at the hospital while his father (Jack a climatologist) is often times away on business. We see his father speaking in a conference about global warming. The issue is we will soon lose global warming. Scotland soon notices a decline in the weather. Tokyo suddenly sees hail the size of golf balls that explode power lines and knocks people out.

While on the airplane Sam is really nervous about flying. His fear heightens when the flight goes through some serious turbulence. Back in Scotland several more places have the degrees falling. Switch back to NY where Sam and his two teammates have landed in NY and have noticed up in the sky an insane amount of birds flying over them. The next morning Jack is told of the 4 places have 23 degree drops.

This is where the drama and ride begins. In northern Europe snow storms start plastering citizens inside their homes. There are 3 helicopters flying out when suddenly the gages inside the helicopter start to go haywire. The fuel lines freeze and one by one the helicopters spin around several times before crashing. One man that survives opens his door with bloody knuckles only to be frozen to death.

Back in NY water washes over the Statue of Liberty. Citizens rush to get inside while taxi’s are stuck in a flood of water. Water floods NYC for miles, causing people to rush out of the way. Jack and his wife are terrified for Sam’s safety and Jack goes out to save his son. This movie has sound effects that will make you cringe.

The special effects will make you jaw drop and cause your eyes to be glued to the screen. The extras include special features such as commentary, deleted scenes, interactive demo and a web link to exclusive content. An inside look shows you what’s coming up for projects by Fox. Overall this movie may scare you but its one heck of an intensive ride.

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