The Denver Eagle: Lush Leather Fun in Denver’s LoDo

Move over Triangle, The Denver Eagle has come home to rest. With an incredible space and bar service you can’t beat (ok at least a spanking), you won’t regret heading out for a night on the town in leather.

The long wait for The Denver Eagle has bee worth it. While the main stay of leather in Denver has been the Triangle, the Denver Eagle is bringing new life into the Leather community. To boot their weekend beer busts are to rival the Denver Wranglers. The great music and atmosphere it brings it all home.

My adventure began on Sunday. I attended the weekly Beer Bust and was treated to a free shot which was included in the price of $7 for all you can drink beer. The 70, 80 and 90 music hit home for my generation. I was able to get my groove on. The boy on skates who were pouring the beer were graceful and skilled, careful not to spill a drop of precious beer.

A centerpiece to the evening was the ice sculpture, designed to pour shots down the center while patrons lapped up the vodka liqueur. I took a chance and had my shot poured down the ice slide while a favorite employee took to holding my hips for stability as I drank my shot. Thank you Mitch. I couldn’t have taken the shot with out traction control. Also available for a limited time was the BBQ for those who want to eat and mix company without having to leave the bar.

The bar itself is has many little nooks and crannies to get cozy with newfound friends, old acquaintances and lovers. Both the main floors and the up stairs have dance areas and pool tables. Darts are also available on the upper level. Weekends the up stairs bar is open for business.

I want to mention this because it’s usually a pet peeve of mine, but not in this case. The bathroom was clean and well kept. With the service, atmosphere and drink specials, not to mention the cliental dress to impress I highly recommend visiting this great leather bar. Please do call a head or check out their website to find out if dress restrictions are enforced for that evening. Some night’s leather attire is required. Head to your closet and dust off those chaps and visit the Denver Eagle.

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