The Disadvantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

If you’re in the market for a pool, you’ve probably heard a lot of good things about fiberglass swimming pools. Before you buy one, you should be aware of the disadvantages of these pools. This article will discuss the disadvantages of fiberglass swimming pools.


One of the first disadvantages of fiberglass swimming pools is that emptying it can cause problems. These pools have to be filled with water at all times to keep pressure on the walls if you want to avoid damaging the pool. If you empty it improperly, ground pressure will cause the fiberglass swimming pool to crack or buckle. If you need the pool to be drained, a professional has to do it to prevent damage.


Another disadvantage of fiberglass swimming pools is that you need to live in a suitable location. These pools are manufactured then brought to your home on the back of a large truck. You have to make sure your property will allow a big truck or crane to bring the pool to your home. In addition to the location issue, another disadvantage is lack of customization options.


One of the biggest problems with fiberglass swimming pool is the lack of options. They are prefabricated in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize them, so you have to choose from existing models. You are also limited in the size and form that you choose. It has to be small enough to be transported on the back of a truck, so you usually can’t get a fiberglass swimming pool that is wider than 14 feet. Besides the customization problem, sand can also be an issue with a fiberglass swimming pool.


One of the final disadvantages of fiberglass swimming pools is the sand. The pools are usually installed over a bed of sand. The problem with this is that the sand has a tendency to shift after a couple of years. When this happens, the pool will need to be reset.

There are a few disadvantages of fiberglass swimming pools. The walls need constant pressure, so you can’t drain the water without causing damage. The pools are also prefabricated, so they have limited customization problems. Also, the sand that the fiberglass swimming pools sit on have a tendency to shift after a few years. When this happens you will have to have the pool reset.

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