The Disadvantages of an Electronic Dog Fence

If you are in need of a fence to contain you dog while he’s in the yard, then you may have considered buying an electronic dog fence. Although these systems work well in most cases, there are a few disadvantages when you compare these systems with a traditional fence that sits above the ground. This article will discuss some of the disadvantages of an electronic dog fence.


Some people buy an electronic dog fence just because of the fact that they don’t want to train their dog. This is not a wise decision as you will still need to train your dog even after you get an invisible dog fence. Just like humans, some dogs learn slower than other dogs. If this is the case with your dog, then you will need to train him even more so he will realize that the shock he receives is a result of an unwanted action.

Not Foolproof

Another disadvantage of an electronic dog fence is the fact that they are not foolproof. If the batteries in the dog’s collar suddenly go dead, he is free to roam the area at will. Also, electric dog fence systems can sometimes short out during lightning storms and once again allow your dog to run free. The dog itself may also compromise the system if he gets excited enough to chase another animal. If he crosses the line then tries to return, he will be repeatedly shocked when trying to reenter the yard.

Other animals

One of the biggest disadvantages of an electronic dog fence is that they do not stop other animals from coming in your yard. A traditional fence will stop most other animals from coming on your property, but an invisible dog fence will only affect your dog because he’s wearing the special collar. Since you are unable to put a collar on all of the other wildlife, you will be helpless to stop them from entering your territory.


The final disadvantage of these dog fences is the perceived inhumanity. Some dog lovers consider an electronic dog fence to be extremely barbaric because of the electric shocks they deliver to your dog. People with this opinion feel that you should instead train your dog properly instead of relying on electric shocks to keep your dog from wandering off.

An electronic dog fence has a number of disadvantages when compared to traditional fences. You will still have to train your dog and worry about other animals that will be able to enter the yard. Also, you should consider whether you’re comfortable with your dog receiving electric shocks whenever he approaches the barrier. Before you buy one of these electric dog fences, think about these disadvantages and consider getting a traditional fence instead.

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