The Eureka Boss Mini Vacuum: Product Review

I was looking for a good vacuum cleaner that I could use for my carpet and vinyl and hardwood floors. I found the perfect one when I came across Eureka’s The Boss Mini. It has a very cute look and design, it is white and the dust cup is a greenish yellow color, so that makes it nice if you plan to leave it setting around instead of storing it.

This is just a cool efficient easy to use vacuum. I am really enjoying using it for so many reasons. First off it is very light weight. I have a really big house to clean and I have to go with it from room to room and up and down stairs. This vacuum makes it much easier now because of its light weight.

Its lightness does not take away from its cleaning power. This vacuum really has a lot of suction and deep cleans the carpet. I keep even the high traffic areas looking like new by using this vacuum almost everyday. For such a light weight vacuum I am surprised every time at how much dirt it manages to suck up. It is also very easy to maneuver around furniture.

I also like the fact that it has the brush on / off feature so that I can use not only on my carpets but also on my hardwood floors and vinyl. It is much easier to run this vacuum across the kitchen floor than to sweep it and it does a better job also does a better job.

There are no bags with this vacuum, it has a canister/cup that you empty. I much prefer this over having to buy and change bags. The dust cup has an allergen filtration on it to help reduce dust in the air for those who have allergies.

For small messes or everyday vacuuming, the Eureka Boss Mini is my choice. It really does a great job, just as good as a heavy more expensive vacuum does. At only forty-five dollars, I don’t think I could have gotten a better value for my money. I am very satisfied and would recommend this vacuum to anyone for everyday cleaning, big house or small, carpet or hard floors. It is a high quality product, with a reasonable price.

I have owned my Eureka Boss Mini for about six months now and it is still working very well. I had initially thought that it would not last very long because it was inexpensive. I think that I am being proved wrong in that area.

I had though to buy one for a friend with a bad back, with this vacuums light weight and ease of use it seems to be the perfect thing for her. After she got it she could not stop thanking me, so I guess I would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone with a bad back or other health problems that would keep them from lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum gets an A+ in my book.

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