The Exciting New Season of Big Brother

The Season of Secrets debuted last night on CBS as 14 new houeguests moved into a huge house with bad living quarters and even worse eating selections. I was surprised to see eight women and six guys already giving lead to a gender war. Secret passageways, secret alliances, SECRET RELATIONSHIPS fill this season of Big Brother.

Yes, viewers found out each and every houseguest knows another housemate in some way shape or form. They may be significant others, friends, family members or who knows what else. The twist is that each duo thinks they are the only ones who know someone.

WRONG. Alliances, backstabbing, and the realization that the duos need to keep their alliances quiet has never been more prevalent before. And the prize is now $1,000,000 from $500,000. CBS and Big Brother have definitely upped the stakes and the backstabbing. From what we’ve seen in the past three seasons and the amount of deception and outrght hatred and venom spurred out for half a million, I can only imagine what they will do for $1M. Something tells me all the duos will not be a team when this season concludes.

The houseguests are closer in age than ever, filled with good-looking twenty-something or thirty-what nots for the most part, most eager to hookup and gain a sexual alliance per se. Howie has stood out as a big mouth, arrogant annoyance which should prove to irritate his fellow guests and alienate him from his alliance. Rachel won the first HOH, which I still think is a big mistake by means of making her a huge target, and nominated Kaysar and Ashlea. Kaysar felt he was going to be nominated party because he is Iraqi.

Ashlea was a little surprised and brokedown instantly with a flood of tears, bringing HOH Rachel to a mist of wetness as well, marking the beginning of what could be the most emotionally-charged Big Brother yet. James stood out as an instant liar, pretending to be a teacher instead of a loss prevention manager who is able to seek out the truth from others. Eric emerged as the Tom of the latest Survivor, a married firefighter who instantly poked fun at the resident gay houseguest, Beau.

Again, Big Brother has debuted and proves to be summer’s guiltiest pleasure with the most secrets, twists and
backstabbing emerging front and center than ever before!

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