The Feng Shui Key – Forces Behind the Ancient Art

Feng Shui, pronounced (fung shway) is a very common ancient art used in many homes and other places in American today as well as other countries. This is a key to help understand the elemental forces behind the art.

Yin and Yang are of course components of feng shui. Yin and Yang are forces opposite but not in opposition. They are complementary and need each other in order to exist and flourish, supporting the diversity of life.

Yin is north, low, receptive, weak, lingering, retiring, winter, matter, negative, night, female, earth, dark, cold, inner.

Yang is south, flourishing, creative, hasty, powerful, light, male, heat, up, outer, active, advancing, hard, day, and positive.

The bagua is a diagram representing the eight major compass points. It is mapped onto the location before any changes are made. North represents water while south represents fire. East represents wood while west represents metal.

North chi is mysterious and nurturing. It is also symbolized by the animal of winter which is the black tortoise and represented in the moon and water, which is commonly seen as compliant, diplomatic and intuitive.

South chi is lucky and invigorating. It is symbolized by the bird of summer and good fortune which is the red phoenix and represented in the sun and fire which is commonly seen as energetic, restless and dynamic.

East chi is kind, competitive and protective. It is symbolized by the animal of spring which is the green or gold dragon and is represented in thunder and wood, which is commonly seen as generous and warm.

West chi is disruptive and unpredictable. It is symbolized by the animal of autumn which is the white tiger and is represented by in the lake and metal, commonly seen as forceful and unyielding.

Center chi is the element of earth. It is at home seeking to harmonize all directions, prudent, stable and patient.

Remember that colors have strong meanings in feng shui. Green is longevity, blue represents blessings, red happiness, yellow authority and white is purity.

All these will help in practicing this art in your home to harmonize and balance.

The power key of feng shui broken down is: Southeast represents wealth, stability, empowerment, wealth and financial issues and color of purple.

South represents fame, recognition, reputation and status with a color of red.

Southwest represents emotional, relationships, marriage and love with a color of pink.

East represents community, health and family with a color of green.

Center represents abundance, prosperity, health and eternity with a color of gold.

West represents creativity and children with a color of white.

Northeast represents knowledge, wisdom and spirituality with a color of blue.

North represents destiny and career with a color of black.

Northwest represents friends, travel and compassion with a color of gray.

I am still in the process of making my home feng shui compatible as it is harder I find, with a smaller home and limited space but I know it is still possible and for the benefits you can reap from it, I plan on achieving it.

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