The Gains and Loss of Science and Technology

One cannot estimate the level of growth of science and technology within the last 4centuries of Human history; according to classical history, man’s life started from the stone age, here he was able to discover fire from the strike of two stones; when early man progressed from the stone age, he now entered a new age, which was called the Iron age, during the iron age, man was able to fabricate metal tools, like the hunting spear, and some farming tools, like hoe and axe. So he progressed to the Jet age and currently the Computer age.

Science recorded a tremendous boost during the 16th century, after the triumph of science over Religion, the former knew no bound in incremental man was able to think if not like God but a little bit closer, many thanks is due, for great men like Sir Isaac Newton, the British scientist, who is the father of Newtonian Physics, great men like Archimedes, Michael Faraday, just to mention but a few.

Apart from the numerous benefits of the growth of science and technology, much can still be said about its endless disadvantages, man has been able to create scientific weapons that can destroy the whole word in less than one day, during the First world war, the level of destruction was less than what was experienced during the second world war, We pray every day for God to prevent a third world war, but if there happen to be one(God forbid),then one will be talking of an extinction of the entire human race, what the world saw at Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have just been a mere child’s play.

Man is now in a age of Nuclear weapons (weapons for mass destruction), posing threat to the existence of man on earth, we see the Developed nations exploiting and oppressing the less developed countries, all sorts of social instabilities arise day in day out, use of missile bombers, suicide bombing and so on, my heart still bleeds for the innocent souls lost in the September 11 suicide bombing attack on the Pentagon House. Though science has done so much for man, must we use it to destroy our selves, according to Dr Joad,”science has taught man how to move in the sky like birds, it has taught man how to swim in water like fishes, but it has not taught man how to live peacefully among fellow men on earth”, the recent crises in the middle east is just another example. This is one thing we need to address, lets stop inventing those things that can threaten our existence on earth, for once lets say the truth, science has done much harm to man, as much as its go

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