The Glimpse of Reality

Release me from these demons
for I do not deserve to be tormented
let go I dare say, no more I plead
yet try to escape,
I cannot break free
The chains and iron binders
keep me here alone and damp on this cold floor
one small window is all I have to see the day
all hope is there I see in that small glimpse of reality
Cast me not away to the lions, sheer fun for foes
my strength is gone and ‘am now so weak
the fight would not last, with these shackles on
so to be truly free indeed, break free I must
No battle plan have I, but now I clearly see
what lurks in the shadows of this dark dungeon
death is all I smell, it surrounds me,
it consumes me a single tear be shed
no more I pray, I pray for pity
that you look down upon me
see my jagged and bruised body slowly cave
who can I plead to? who will hear my cries?
and now I fear, never could one ever hear

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