The Golden Retriever


The golden retriever is a very popular breed of dog. It’s known for its beautiful golden coat, and it’s memorizing hazel eyes. The golden retriever has a semi-long coat that is either wavy or straight. Their tails have straight fur dangling from it about 5-7″ in length. The golden retriever’s muzzle is short and stout providing it with its hunting skills. The golden retriever has the appearance of a strong, sturdy dog, as it is. The golden retriever’s tail is long and straight, and it never curls in tail. The golden retriever is a medium breed of dog, making it the perfect sized dog.


The golden retriever is the perfect family dog. It’s lovable, loyal, intelligent, and lives for nothing more then to please its master(s). The golden retriever is also very active, and it loves to play all the time. The golden retriever is very friendly toward children and rarely ever bites its family (the owners.) The golden retriever is easily trained to appease what its master wishes of it but, like every other breed of dog, the golden retriever is hard to train at an old age. So, if you’re a family searching for the right dog, then the golden ret retriever is for you. The golden retriever is very protective of its family, and will do anything to protect them and keep them from harms way.


Weight – Male: average weight is 60-80 pounds (27-36kg.) Female: average weight is 55-70 pounds ((25-32kg.)

Height – Male: average height is 22-24 inches high (56-61cm.) Female: average height is 20-22 inches high (51-56cm.)

Health issues:

The golden retriever is known to get hip dislocation, and usually can’t be fixed. Hip dislocation is when a golden retriever’s hip(s) get displaced and need surgery to fix, but as I said before, golden retriever’s hips usually can not be placed back once out because they’ll continue popping out and making it so the dog can’t walk and lies around in great pain. If your golden retriever dislocates it hip(s) it will probably need to be put down, and this can be tough for the owner(s) because a golden retriever can become part of the family.

Life span:

Sadly, the golden retriever’s life expectancy is only 10-12 years of age. The golden retriever has been known to live longer, but this doesn’t accrue often.

What to expect and not expect from a Golden:

The golden retriever needs plenty of exercise (especially if living in a cramped environment.) The golden retriever shouldn’t snap at you, and if your golden does this to you or any other members of you family then this could be a sign of problems that may become worse in the future. You’re golden will probably have a large appetite, and you need to be prepared to feed it.

Before you buy a golden retriever do a lot of research on them and make sure really want one, because this is a long-term commitment. I wish you the best of luck with your decision!

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