The Greatest American Dogs Get Their Paint On

The Greatest American Dog is showing just what dogs can do and I’m really excited as it seems the show is becomming a summer hit! On the last episode Brandy was eliminated from the game, giving Travis some room to breath and mingle. Brandy seemed to be holding him back a bit as she was very protective but with Brandy gone, Travis turned his attention to Laura. They had bonded a bit before but now they were full on flirting, through their dogs of course. Too bad the showmance was killed just as quickly as it started.

For the Dog Bone challenge the dogs were tested on their intelligence. They were given the task of finding their favorite foods behind a wall. The quickest dog to retrive the food would win the Bone Suite for their owner plus a leg up in the showcase. With an 8 second find, Star gave Bill his second Dog Bone win in a row but Bill had other plans. Since Teresa gave him the suite last round, he decided to repay her by doing the same for her. This mean Teresa would gain the leg up along with the suite, which her dog Leroy seemed to love more then her.

Along the lines of intelligence, the dogs were put to a painting challenge for their showcase. Each pair had to create a painting that represented their relationship. The dogs were the only ones who could touch the canvas, meaning the dogs would become doggie painters. When it came time for judging, Teresa’s leg up helped tremensously as she was named the best in show. She had a dog painting trainer help her create a piece of art that showed that Teresa and Leroy had a loving relationship but one that also had some down sides. The judges seemed to love that more then the art and that’s why they gave her the best in show.

In the last few rounds Travis and Presley were in the bottom of the barrel. Travis knew he had to pick up the pace this time and that he did. he created a meaninful painting that also looked great. The judges loved his symbolizom and that’s what kept him out of the bottom three. Bill and Star remainined in the middle by creating a painting that looked good but lacked a unique touch. The judges thought he did a good job, but didn’t use enough techniques. The last to not be in the bottom three was Beth Joy and Bella Starlet. The judges loved the symbolizom of the spiral and the painting itself. They also loved the fact that Beth Joy worked through Bella’s fear of her front paws, but that was part of a small controversy.

During her time with the judges, Laura spilled the beans that Bella Starlet yelped a few times during her time with the sponges on her paws. Beth Joy didn’t take well to that as she felt Laura was simply trying to get out of being in the bottom three. The talk didn’t work though as the judges hated Laura and Preston’s blob of a heart that looked more like a “pink pretzle”. Also in the bottom three were Laurie and Andrew since the judges thought their painting looked more like a poster then a painting. JD and Galaxy also made it to the bottom three, thankfully, since JD lied to the judges and their painting was too much of a jumbled mess.

In the end Laura’s lack of ability to control Preston’s painting movements and their very rushed painting gave them the boot. I’m sure her showmance’s backing of Beth Joy over herself didn’t please Laura too much so it would have been fun to see how things went down if she stayed. But we will never know and the fight between Laura and Beth Joy will never be more then we saw tonight. Guess we don’t have much to worry about though as the judges get into a small cat fight next week. Is Greatest American Dog turning into the next Big Brother with all these fights? I sure hope so!

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