The Growing Problem of Sex Trafficking

In toady’s world, there has been a demand for prostitution, especially in China. Prostitution also goes on in other developed nations such as the U.S. but the problem of prostitution has led to sex trafficking and the abusement of women.

China is the world’s leading country in sex trafficking as thousands of women are amde to be prostitutes. Its not just the fact that it is immiral for a women to sell her body, but the sex trafficking in China has been forced on these women. Many women in China are in poverty such initially go into prostitution where there are many clients looking for service. However, little do these women know but they cannot escape the sex trafficking they have immersed themselves into.

Women are often chained and forced to be prostitutes. When they try to escape, they have their money and possessions taken away and are threatened that their families will be harmed. These women receive very little pay and have to service dozens of people each day.

Furthermore, the mass amounts of sex trafficking has led to a deadly spread of AIDS virus. Most men do not use condoms which has led to the spread of AIDS from the women sexually interacting with many men on a daily basis. AIDS in China is responsible or has led to at least 30,000 deaths in the last year alone.

Sometimes women ar prosmised the false hope of being brought to America but sex trafickers reneg on their promises just ot get the women to keep working. Sometimes even very young girl are made to be prostitutes as well.

Another important point is that the laws in China punish the sex trafickers when they are caught which is a rarity but they do not help or offer assitance to the women who need help the msot. Many women are beaten when they do not comply with the sex trafickers and the police aren’t much help either. There have been known instacnes where the police have been bribed or have simply ignored the women’s desperate pleas for help.

Finally, there are the long term effects that the situation has on women. Many women have their self respect and dignity stripped away from them. Some of them never recoverpsychologically and have nightmares when they can’t sleep. Many women even try to commit suicide becauase they hate their lives so much and cannot stand how thier lives have turned out or the current predicament they are in.

Sex traficking is a deadly business that has killed thousands of people and stripped women of their dgnity. It is a problem that China needs to address now in toady’s world.

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