The Growing Trend of Comparing Shopping on Your Mobile Phone

We live in a world where we can do just about anything from a computer; chat with people in other countries, trade stocks, visit exotic locations that would never be seen otherwise; rent DVDs, and of course engage in the growing trend of comparison shopping. The Internet is gaining in popularity at an exponential rate and as adoption for broadband increases, so does the opportunity for consumers to compare prices for products and services as they look for the best deals on the web. Based on a recent ComScore study, 55 percent of Internet users now have broadband access at home; and are more likely to engage in online comparison shopping. Even better is that the majority of US consumers also have a mobile phone; and combined, takes comparison shopping to the next level.

It’s no secret that the Internet is the bargain shopper’s dream comes true. It has been for the last several years. For consumers that are concerned about stretching their dollars, finding the best deals, and getting what they want at rock-bottom prices, then the Internet is the greatest shopping tool to ever exist. Why? Because prices are often much cheaper online than they are at local retailers. The only caveat is that consumers cannot touch and feel the products before the actual purchase; a problem now alleviated with the use of mobile phones delivering the results in voice format.

It’s obvious that online comparison shopping is more efficient than pounding the pavement and searching local retail stores for the best deals and prices. However, consumers today still like to touch and feel products before making that purchase decision; a hard task to do through a computer. The fact is that consumers still enjoy spending their weekends at the mall, conversing with friends and family as they hunt for bargains and touch and feel products before buying them. Until these online comparison websites can provide the entire customer experience from beginning to end, they will never capture the full attention of value conscious consumers.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, introducing Frucall; the first voice-enabled comparison shopping service that allows consumers to compare retail store prices with prices online, directly from their mobile phone. It’s a quick and easy solution that sidelines many of the competitive sites that only offer comparison shopping while online. Better yet, is that consumers can soon purchase products directly from their mobile phone.

The way it works is simple. For consumers who are at a retail store browsing for products; all they have to do is dial a toll free number, enter in the bar code; and wait a few seconds for the results. Not to mention that the service is free so it’s obviously a no brainer.

Comparison shopping using mobile phones is one of the latest trends that have catapulted new business ventures that provide consumers with a one stop shopping experience. Consumers can simply dial a toll-free number from any retail location and compare prices of products and services of any type, style or magnitude. And, most of the time, walk away with a much better deal than they would find elsewhere. It will soon become second nature to most value conscious consumers, so it’s only natural that online comparison shopping using mobile phones will become a huge market for Internet buyers.

The growing trend of voice-enabled comparison shopping is a fascinating concept for value conscious consumers who still like the traditional approach to shopping, yet want to save money. Today, with so many of our daily activities performed with a mobile phone, Frucall provides a unique value proposition and adds to that growing list.

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