The How-to when it Comes to Cleaning a Litter Box

Cat owners, do you smell that? Well it is probably the neglected litter box you have left alone for about a week now. If you have cats, you know exactly what I am talking about. The cats that you so love, are stinking up your house, it is time to do something about this. We are going to learn the correct way to clean a litter box, so your house no longer reeks of cat litter. Grab a pen and some paper, here we go….

You will need three items; a litter box, a pooper scooper, and a bag. First you will have to take off the top of the liter box if it has one, don’t be lazy, remove the top. Insert the pooper scooper at about a 45 degree angle next to a clump of dirty litter, be careful, you don’t want to get close to the waste to break it apart. Push the scooper forward until it is underneath the waste. Bring the scooper back to a level angle while lifting the scooper out of the litter. Gently shake off the scooper to release the pieces of clean litter that were scooped up with the waste. Dump the waste into a disposable bag that you have handy in the area, be careful not to rush yourself because you risk breaking the waste up and missing the bag itself. Repeat these steps until all of the waste clumps in the middle of the litter are removed. The side clumps are a little tougher. For the side clumps, use the scooper and try to dislodge the waste from the side of the litter box without breaking the waste into too many small pieces. When the waste clumps have been dislodged from the side of the box, remove them like you did above. Make sure all of the waste clumps are removed before being finished. Leaving old waste in there will amplify the problem.

Some important tips; invest in a quality scooper. A quality scooper will expedite the process and allow for greater success and less accidents. Also, be sure to dump your litter box regularly because all the bits that fall off waste clumps are eventually all that’s left and this accounts for some very stinky boxes. Now that you know the proper way to clean a litter box, make sure you do it. You wouldn’t want to have guests over for dinner and all they can concentrate on is that smelly litter box.

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