The Importance of Wedding Insurance


Automobile insurance, homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, life insurance, flood insurance, fire insurance, disability insurance, travel insuranceâÂ?¦. It seems that these days everything can be insured. Even a wedding. Although many believe rain on your wedding day is good luck, severe weather that postpones or drastically affects your wedding results in added stress and the added costs of postponing and rescheduling your wedding.

Amidst the many details involved in planning a wedding, it pays to add the purchase of a wedding insurance policy to your list. Odds are you won’t need it, but what if you do? You might be surprised what these policies cover, giving peace of mind to brides who, really, have enough of their minds without worrying about money lost due to the weather or a no-show florist.


Why not? It is safe to bet you have automobile insurance, health insurance, and life insurance to cover losses brought on by events or illnesses out of your control. Despite the long hours that go into planning every detail of a wedding, there are just some things the bride and groom can’t keep from happening. Why not insure the parts of your wedding that you do not have power over? You can choose salmon instead of chicken, but you can’t be sure the caterer will arrive safely and on time. Many brides are turning to wedding insurance policies to make sure they aren’t out big bucks if things don’t go as planned on the big day.


Like most insurance policies, wedding coverage is tailored to each insured’s personal needs and wants. Policies generally provide rescheduling, replacement or reimbursement for things such as wedding-day weather, missing vendors, lost rings, damaged dresses, stolen gifts, or a job relocation.

Rescheduling: Wedding insurance covers the rescheduling of the wedding for several reasons:
�Weather severe enough to cancel the wedding or prevent many guests from attending;
�Inability of important people to attend (i.e., officiate or photographer) due to illness or injury;
âÂ?¢Changes in the bride or groom’s job due to relocation or unemployment.
�A military bride or groom is called to service, or has their leave revoked.
�Many companies will also insure against terrorist activities and airport delays or shutdowns.

Replacement: Many policies will cover the cost of replacing lost or damaged wedding materials:
�If photographs or negatives are lost or damaged, some policies will cover the cost of gathering the wedding parties for the purpose of re-shooting the photos.
�The replacement of lost or stolen wedding bands can also be covered.
�Lost, stolen, and damaged gifts can also be included in the policy.
âÂ?¢Lost, stolen, and damaged wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and other attire can also be replaced or repaired under a wedding policy.

Reimbursement: Many wedding policies can also be designed to reimburse parties for certain losses:
�Deposits lost to vendors who go out of business before providing services.
�Honeymoon costs when a wedding has to be canceled or postponed.


�Cloudy skies or a rain shower.
�Cold feet
�Liability for accidents or injuries related to the wedding, such as damage to the wedding location or injury of a guest. Separate policies can be purchased to cover such occurrences.


With wedding insurance policies available beginning as low as a $150 one-time fee, it is often worth the price for the peace of mind the policy provides. You may want to especially consider a policy purchase if you live in areas prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, or if the bride and/or groom are in the military or reserves. Also, if you are spending a large sum of money for the wedding, figuring the policy into your budget is well worth it.


Don’t wait until the last minute to call your insurance agent. Many policies have to be purchased within two weeks of the wedding. It is smart to purchase your policy as soon as you start seriously planning the wedding (i.e., shelling out payments). Also remember to keep copies of all contracts and receipts and maintain accurate records of all payments.

Your wedding is a big investment and one of the most special days of your life. You can’t ensure the day won’t go off without a hitch and wedding insurance can’t prevent the unexpected from happening, but it can help cover the costs if things do not go exactly as planned. Wedding insurance can cover anything from rescheduling the wedding to problems with the cake, favors, or flowers.

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