The Invisible Man

A shadow glides behind you as you shop
They told you that stuff had stopped
Society obsessed with the Gangsta culture
while the youth set out to end each others lives
Black and Brown men in jail to stay
For making a living the illegal way
Mexico has general labor fully stocked
Doors to gainful employment securely blocked
Time served a second chance
Clearly labeled background check
The only job they can expect
Is on the couch watching TV
Though some return to the streets
The only way to make ends meet
To provide their kids with food to eat
The state pitches Three strikes and your done
Instincts tell them try to run
Put him where he was predestined to go
As society says I told you so
Brush aside the fact he did’nt stand a chance
people judged by how they look
Rejection at a glance
The invisible man has no hope
The invisible man has no face
The invisible man has no place.

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