The Iowa State Fair–One of the Best Around!!

The Iowa State Fair is one of the best around and offers just about a little bit of everything for all family members. Whether it be walking through the livestock stables to view the newly born calf to trying out one of those new concoctions…….Snickers-On-A-Stick……or to attending a “big name ” grandstand performance–there is something for everyone at this annual affair.

The fair takes place each August for approximately two weeks (the exact date differs from year to year; this year it’s from August 11th through the 21st) and is located on the East Side of Des Moines, Iowa. Parking is available inside the fairgrounds, but it is expensive. People living in the fairgrounds area often “rent out” their yards to fairgoers for a nominal fee, or people can park their vehicles at the State Capital Building and board a city bus for only .25 per person (one way). The city buses run until midnight, each day of the fair.

Livestock is one of the biggest parts of the Iowa State Fair………..cattle, hogs, and sheep fill the various animal barns, as young people eagerly anticipate showing their animals for ribbons. Daily shows are held in the various arenas, and competition is stiff. The young people and their animals have to win local competitions before advancing to the State Fair. It is exciting to view all the “new additions” to the fair……..especially the newborn calves and pigs.

This fair has one of the biggest, and best, midways around. One could spend half a day just going on all the rides that are available. The sky ride is perhaps the most popular, going from one end of the fairgrounds to the other, and great for those weary, aching feet (and believe me there are plenty of those!). There are many rides to choose from, both for adults and young kids.

There is a lot of walking involved, and it’s essential to wear good, sturdy walking shoes. Usually, during the fair, the weather is very, very hot and humid, so lightweight clothing is also important.

Yes, this, indeed, is one of the best state fairs around and a real treat for those who crave good, clean family entertainment. People from all over the United States attend our fair each year…..and are awestruck at such a variety of entertainment for young and old alike!!

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