The Joys of Nursing Your Baby

Most babies around the world are nursed. However, there is a trend of substituting preparations of cow’s milk from a bottle. The World Health Organization calls this trend artificial feeding. We all know that breast milk is better for children than cow’s milk. Their have been many attempts by manufactures to copy or imitate breast milk. However they can never perfectly copy breast milk. A women’s body has amazing capabilities to nurse. There are even some women who continue nursing their children to the age of 5. Only a few mothers, such as those with a rare medical condition are unable to produce milk. Many women are even capable of nursing numerous children at the same time. Studies have shown that a very sickly bottle-fed infant was able to recover after being fed breast milk.

There are a few obstacles that many mothers face when it comes to nursing their babies. Such as the nursing staff at the hospital putting undue pressure on the mother to bottle feed so that she can get some rest. Some mothers tend to worry when they see that their baby is sucking its fist after a feeding. I know when my baby did this I assumed that he must still be hungry. But after some time I found out that this is only the baby’s sucking instinct, not hunger. Although you can let your baby nurse again and if they are hungry they will eat. You do not have to worry about not having enough milk. By allowing the baby to nurse this will stimulate the breasts to produce a greater milk supply.

This is a truly amazing display of a supply-meets-demand system. Nursing your child is a truly wonderful and beautiful thing. But what about those people who say a mother should not nurse outside of the house. I agree that you should not just start nursing your baby in the middle of the supermarket or in the middle of the restaurant during dinner. Of course you can still nurse your baby, but you should be discreet when doing so. You may be perfectly comfortable nursing your baby anywhere, but you do not want to make anyone around you feel uncomfortable. There is even a very discreet way that this can be done while eating at a restaurant for example without anyone knowing what you are doing. It just takes a little practice, and of course the right clothes.

Most women look forward to nursing their babies. As a mother it brings me so much pleasure to be cradling my baby in my arms and nourish him from my own body. It gives many women an emotional satisfaction. The psychological advantages for both the mother and the baby are invaluable for the development of the child. You can also be happy about the fact that you are providing your baby with the very best nutrition. There is even a lower death rate for breastfed babies. Another plus to nursing your baby is the money that you will save by not buying formula. It can be very expensive to feed your baby formula. Also you do not have to worry about cleaning and packing bottles, or finding somewhere to warm the bottle when the baby is hungry.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with bottle feeding your baby, or supplementing with some formula. I have done this also. Do to my work schedule I gave my baby both breast milk and formula. But I must say that I love the quite time I spend nursing my baby. It just seems to make the bond between you and your child even stronger. Again this is a personal choice for you to decide. But before you decide not to nurse at all just take a minute to think about the many joys of nursing.

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