The Last was Love

“Oh, foolish mistake!
To trust love again!”
This phrase is so used
It’s grown out of context.
It wasn’t love that broke my heart,
For love is not that cruel.
It must have been some other,
Disguised quite well, for I was fooled.
And it made me believe
That it was love that owned my heart.
Well, let me illustrate for you:
Three people strolled in the rain,
They all could feel the wet
Pouring upon them.
One is a best friend to both of the others,
But the other two are not friends
With but the first.
The first was tired, and wanted rest.
The second, to agree with him,
Was the first to sit.
And the third would just wait
Until they were ready, only saying
“Have you rested well?”
And in the lightning, the first would shudder
Into the arms of the second
Who only said “Fear not.”, with blank emotions,
While the third would look on
And stop his pace to stay back
With them.
And in the violent wind, the first,
Covered with the warmth of the second,
Would not feel the worst,
For the third was in front,
Enduring it all.
And when it was dark, the sky,
Seeming black, would only pour out
What they couldn’t see.
And the first would look upon the ground,
Following the footsteps of the second;
The second, following the third.
In the morning, the storm was over,
And the second and third were awake.
They had a disagreement, and the second,
Determined to win, awakened the first
To prove his point, and the third left.
You see, all through the storm,
The first was the weakest, the one
Who didn’t have what he needed
To overcome the storm.
The second had it all to give,
But lacked the compassion and consideration
To strengthen the mind and heart of the first.
The third, who was there to see them through,
Had the caring to stop, wait,
And let them rest through the storm,
Even knowing that the second would imitate
His every move, at his expense, but hoping
The first could see through.
The first was I………
The second was LIE…….
And the last………….was LOVE.

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