The Mosquitotone: A Hot New Ringtone

Teenagers: one. Adults: zip. A hot new ringtone has buzzed its way from the UK to the US. An ingenious someone has created a ringtone that adults can’t hear, but kids can and it’s called the Mosquito. Teens, as well as adults are required to turn off their cell phones in certain work situations and in the classroom at school. The Mosquito makes it possible for teens to leave their cell phones on. What slight of hand and ear allows a new fangled trick like this? Read on to find out what kids can hear but adults cannot.

The Mosquito, a security device, sets off a high frequency pitch at 17-kilohertz heard only by teens, children and probably dogs. A concept developed by a Welsh security company to annoy teens that loiter about shops and in malls, has no effect on adults. The idea of the Mosquito is that while adults begin losing the ability to hear high frequency pitches, kids can hear the buzzing noise loud and clear. The sound quickly gets on the nerves of anyone who can hear it with the result of offending juveniles scattering, but adult shoppers being able to go about business as usual. The idea is based on a condition known as presbycusis or aging ear, common to adults by age 40 or 50, with diminished hearing especially when it comes to the high frequencies. While it may work to repel unwanted teen loiterers, it also came to the attention of a clever anonymous person who pirated the Mosquito idea and took it from a teen irritant to a teen coup. The Mosquito puts technology to work getting around the adult rule of “turn it off in class” and giving the advantage to teens. Without teachers being able to hear the buzzing sound, kids know when someone rings them. Checking who called and even quick messaging are possible when phones are in stealth mode aka the Mosquito ringtone.

Compound Security, the company that developed the Mosquito, refuses to be thwarted by the unknown pirate. They are now selling a ringtone called, The Mosquitotone, with the advertising phrase “the authentic Mosquito ringtone” attached. Available only to MP3 compatible phones and with stipulations such as: you must be 16 or over or have the permission of the person who pays the bills to download the Mosquitotone. That could be one for the adults, but wait the teens aren’t finished yet. One New Jersey freshman searched online to find the mosquito ringtone and managed to download it. In turn he shared it with friends who will share it with friends who will share it with friendsâÂ?¦ viral advertising at its best.

The Mosquitotone is the hot new ringtone that came through the back door before it could be swatted down. For the moment, it would seem the teens are up in the game of cell phone battles between adults and teens, but the war’s not been won, yet. Look out kids! There’s always something new on the horizon of technology. The next hot trick could be a Mosquitotone repellant!

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