The Myspace Craze is a new phenomial for business, friendship, dating and much more. But with greatness also comes fear. With a new things comes new style with predator. Predator and myspace is a perfect mix. It’s simply just another “internet formula”. Add the person to your friens list, communicate with the person and meet up with the person. See, a simply and recongizeable formula for predators. Here’s a few steps to make your child to be safe.

1. Same age group.

This is not a definite step but a close one. Make sure you child is speking to people of their age. You may say you’re not able to monitor all her friends but make it your responsibilty to do so. Go through their entire pages no matter if its 20 pages. You might think it’s a waste f time but trust me you’ll feel comfort after it’s done. I’m saying make this an everyday routine but make it goal to keep a close eye on your child activity. Older friends most likely mean trouble(girl or boy). You need to know their friends.

2. Make sure the at a respomsible age.

The child might think they are at responsible but I believe a responsible age is fifteen years old. Anything younger is a risk. You might think their mind is develop because that’s what they showed you. When they not with you believe it or not they are totally different. The sweet person you raise is a “gangster” with their friends or anything else. Children have different personality at different time. in my opinion fifteen is a responsible age because they are startinng to realize the security of their lives and know they are not invicible.

3. Join

Yes, join Use it, learn it, be involve in it. Knowing angles of what you child usec and like is a way to learn more about your child. You might “fall in love” with yourself. It’s really a good advertisment site for anything and everything. If you have a business ths is very good site for you. Think about it.

This is just a few steps I believe you should take to protect your child from predators. You also will benefit from these step. These steps I believe is protecting and profitable to you. is a new craze so beware of the good and the bad. It’s not “Tom” fault if your child get caught up in a bad effect. It’s yours. Think about it!!!

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