The New Six Week Diet and Fitness Plan

We want results fast. We don’t want to wait. But all the experts have said it takes time to loose weight. Well, that is what they used to say.

The newest trend is an intense program that will help people loose weight fast, in as little as six weeks. Some professional trainers say they can help their clients loose ten pounds in one week. How? The program calls for intense exercise routines and little eating. After the week’s end, the client may have loosed ten pound but in doing so he/she is also left tired and hungry.

The people who are blessed with money are going to these extravagant health clubs that are also spas. They will fork over anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000. For that expense, they will be shown how to work every part of their body, being given healthy, low calorie food to eat and be pampered a lot (massages, facials, saunas, etc).

Sounds nice? Yes, it does. But if you are able to make the commitment you can loose weight in the same amount of time and you can do it without maxing out your credit card.

First, decide how much you want to loose. Then set out a workout schedule. You will need to exercise daily, most days twice a day. To keep from becoming bored, you may want to alternate the types of exercise you do day from day.

You also need to figure out how to add extra exercise into your schedule whether it is an extra walk, ten minutes of extra stretching before going to bed, parking further away from the outside door of your place of work, vacuuming your house twice a week instead of once. Make a list of these extra things you can do. Every day when you have an extra ten minutes, try to do one of them.

As for the eating, eat less. The best tip, eat only part of the highest calorie content item of each meal. (That means no big dinner plans for the next six weeks) Add little snacks to your daily menu. Eating more often will help stop hunger pangs from occurring.

Tell your friends and your family want you are doing. Six weeks doesn’t sound like a long commitment until you actually make the commitment. You may have to say no to many invitations and may have to postpone things if you want to make exercise a priority. That is what exercise will have to be if you want this six week crash course type of diet plan to work. The learning to say no to your loved ones may be the hardest part.

This saying no to your loved ones applies to food as well. Our friends and family may be known as tempting us with their wonderful cooking or by implying that one bite of something will not hurt us or cause us to fail our diet. No, one bite won’t. But admit it. It’s hard to stop after that one bite.

Now comes the best part. This is the part that is the main reason people are willing to shell out thousands of dollars to those spas, the reward treatment. Massages, facials, saunas all sound wonderfully tempting. (Many people admit those rewards are the reasons they don’t give up and quit the programs in the first place) But they may not fit your budget. Yet, a new bottle of nail polish, a new lotion, a home facial, things like that can fit into your budget. Make time for these rewards. By rewarding yourself, your body will thank you by becoming more relaxed and your mind will connect exercise, eating right as something that deserves to be rewarded.

The next tip, keep it up. Get up each day, with your goals in mind. Go to bed each night praising yourself for each step you accomplished and if you failed, tell yourself that you will do better tomorrow. (Then do so).

Six weeks to a better, healthier, slimmer you can be done. It takes commitment. But just think about the results; wouldn’t they be worth it?

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