The Niagara Falls

If you have not had the chance to see the Niagara Falls up close, then you should really think about planning a trip. It is one of the most favorite spots for honeymoon couples. If you view the falls at night they are illuminated by colored spotlights, which give another dimension to the beauty and majesty of this unique spot. You can even take a boat ride up into the face of the falls. Boats leave on a regular basis on both sides of the river, the American side and the Canadian side. Most people choose to wear the lightweight plastic raincoats that are provided to protect themselves from the spraying fall. Three miles down from the falls is a huge whirlpool formed at the end of the rapids, where the great George turns abruptly to the northeast.

The best way to appreciate the overall size of this remarkable pool is to take a ride in the Niagara Spanish Aero Car. It is actually a cable car that crosses over the pool and gives impressive views of the river, both upstream and downstream. Unfortunately erosion has caused the falls to recede an estimated 1,000 feet or more since 1678. Erosion has definitely taken its toll on the falls. The reason why it is eroding is because the water passes over a hard top layer of dolomite limestone that lies on layers of soft sandstone and shale. These lower layers get eroded, and then the limestone rocks collapse and fall to the basin below.

A trek down the Cliffside and through tunnels will bring you “behind the scenes” under the falls. From here you can see out through the watery veil that makes the Horseshoe Falls so attractive and famous. The roar of the falls is deafening. For those that are a little more adventuresome, the view from aboard one of the tour boats that regularly ply the turbulent waters near the base of the falls is unforgettable. As the thundering water plunges down to the river below, a mist ascends, producing a beautiful display of rainbows. With every new set of droplets, new rainbows are formed. From this vantage point, you can even taste the water and feel the mist as it descends over your protective clothing. Did you also know that the falls is said to be one of the world’s greatest sources of hydroelectric power? The Canadian and U.S. power plants have, a capacity of 4,200,000 kilowatts between them.

You can also take a helicopter tour of the falls. National Helicopters offers an Air Adventure Tour the you will never forget. They offer various packages and discounts. The contact information to make a reservation is 1-800-491-3117, or 905-641-9674. If you are looking for a place to stay while visiting the falls then you should try Courtyard by Marriot Niagara Falls. They are located at 5950 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON Canada. To make a reservation call 1-800-771-1123. They also offer tours of the falls from the hotel lobby on a daily basis. The hotel also offers many different packages that include other nearby attractions.

This is not just a trip for newlyweds, but a great place to of for the entire family. Kids love seeing the falls, and taking an amazing boat ride. They are plenty of of other activities in the area for the whole family. The Niagara Falls is one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations.

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