The Obnxious Landlord

Hello, Mr. Landlord this is only for you
Thankyou for being totally lazy
I mean this, I really and honestly do

I appreciate that you do absolutely nothing
Except collect your lovely rent
While stucco falls like up side down stuffing

It’s nice to know that you live in a huge house
When I live in leaky puddles
Swimming like a drownded and soaked mouse

I also thankyou for the huge problematic leak
That you refuse to fix daily
I’m so mad I could holler or at least squeak ( like a drownded mouse…LOL)

It’s nice that you are a penny-pinching GRUB
I find you most rude and crude
Your fixing status is about like that of a SLUG

You are so selfish you make Scrooge look like a HIPPY
Your inept ability irritates me so much
The constant crap makes me harsh and snippy

I will write more about you when I cool down
You make me so very mad
I wish I could move out of this Columbia town

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