The Perfect Prom Dress

Shouldn’t your prom dress reflect who you are? Let this year be the year that you and your prom date are creative.
Last year around this time, my best friend and her daughter was preparing for the prom. The task was simple, (at least they thought it was) to find the perfect prom dress. For months my friend and her daughter, Mia searched for the perfect prom dress. My poor friend had a high level as she talked about the numerous department stores and bridal shops they had frequented to find the right dress.

I asked, “What is the right dress, for your daughter.” It was explained to me that Mia wanted a classic look. She desired to wear a black dress, with embroidered gold flowers on her neckline and gold trim down both sides of the dress. I thought about the last time I had visited my local hobby store. No, I wasn’t looking for fabric or anything like that but I did come across unique fabrics and pieces of beautiful ribbon that could be used for sewing. I told my friend it might be better for her to buy a simple dress and create the perfect dress for her daughter by buying additional fabric.

Eureka! There it was Mia was going to create the perfect prom dress. When they made a stop at the fabric store they found the most unique looking, small, gold flowers along with an elegant looking piece of gold fabric. It was time to find the black dress. They went online and bought a long, simple, black dress. Mia went to a seamstress with the fabric and told her about the look she was going for.

After sewing the gold embroidered flowers to the neckline and stitching the gold fabric on both sides of the dress, instead of looking like she was attending the prom Mia reminded me of a high paid fashion model, who was wearing a garment from a couture line. With the extra fabric Mia had the seamstress stitch a design on her date’s cummerbund. The dress was $125.00 and the fabric ran about $25.00. For $150.00 Mia was happy, looked fabulous, and was creative enough to create her own perfect prom dress.

It’s prom time. Think about who you are. Can’t find the perfect prom dress, create the perfect prom gown. Turn a simple dress into a masterpiece! It can be done.

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