The Pros and Cons of Getting A Gym Membership

If you’re trying to begin an exercise routine, then you will be faced with a major question: do you want to join a gym? Some people love gyms, while other people loathe them. Before you make your decision, learn about the pros and cons of gym membership and how to lessen some of the major problems associated with gyms.

Let’s start with the benefits of gym membership. Most people are attracted to gyms because of the huge amount of variation that gyms offer. In addition to a plethora of machines, gyms also often have swimming pools, racquetball courts, basketball courts, and a wide array of classes. If you belong to a gym, you could swim on Monday, zone out on a treadmill on Tuesday, take a yoga class on Wednesday, lift weights on Thursday, and take a kick boxing class on Friday; you’ll never be bored. Many major spas even have luxury services, like massages, tanning, and spas.

If you’re new to working out, you may also be attracted to the professional help that gyms offer. If you join a gym, you can get a personal trainer to create the perfect workout for you and even help you with a nutritional plan. Gym employees can also make sure that you are using correct form when exercising, and this could help you get an efficient workout while
preventing injuries.

Finally, gyms can offer support and motivation. When you go to a gym, you are surrounded by other people who are concerned about physical fitness, and their enthusiasm could rub off on you. You might even make some friends. And, if the other gym members aren’t enough to motivate you, maybe the price you paid for membership will encourage you to keep working out, but that brings us to the negative aspects of gym membership.

Gyms can be expensive. At most gyms, members have the option of paying per visit, per month, or per year. Most people decide to pay per month, and they may be charged anything from $25 to $100. Members usually also have to pay a sign up fee, which can be a couple of hundred dollars.

Gym prices are extremely variable; most gyms are constantly offering specials of lower monthly fees or waved sign up fees. If you want to join a gym, shop around and hold out for a good deal. If you are afraid that you will not use your gym membership after you have paid for it, try to get a membership in which you pay per visit. You can also ask for a free trial
membership to test the gym out.

Once you have joined and paid for your membership, you will have to deal with other problems. Gyms are usually very crowded, especially during weekday evenings. Sometimes gyms are so crowded that you will have to wait in line for a long time before you even get to use a machine, and classes may fill up before you can get into them. Before you join a gym, find out how busy it is. If you do decide to join a busy gym, try to go to the gym during off hours, such as the middle of the day or late at night.

Gyms can also be intimidating. Many people, especially people who are overweight, hate going to gyms because they feel that they are being judged. Additionally, out of shape people often complain that gym trainers only pay attention to the super fit people. Before joining a gym, analyze the atmosphere. Is everyone in perfect shape? Do people seem stuck up? Or are people friendly? Women who are worried that they will be criticized or ignored often feel more comfortable at a women’s only gym, like Curves. If you run into attitude once you have joined a gym, you will need to simply ignore other members and demand the help of gym employees.

Finally, gyms can be a little gross. Everyone’s sweating, and not everyone remembers to wipe off the machines after they’re done. Even worse, gyms are also a breeding ground for germs. A lot of people continue to work out even when they’re sick, especially if they are just suffering from a cold. Indeed, working out releases adrenaline which can help relieve congestion and actually make people feel better. At the same time, people who work out while sick spread their illness to everyone else at the gym.

While at the gym, you will need to look out for your own health. Most gyms provide sanitizers to clean off the machines; use these, and bring your own if the gym does not supply them. Additionally, avoid touching your mouth or eyes and always wash your hands after you’re done working out. While showing, wear flip flops to avoid getting athlete’s foot.

Gyms can be great, but if gym problems keep you from using your membership, then you’re just wasting your money. Before joining a gym, check it out and make sure you like the atmosphere. Then make sure you get the best available price. Or, if you find that you simply hate gyms, accept this and find other exercise options, such as jogging or working out at home.

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