The Ranch

We dug another hole, for another post,
And sweat ran down our bare arms.
I held the digging post firm
And you swung the handle heavy,
Let it fly…
Our hammering echoed all around us.
You and me – the only souls for acres around.
I held the digging post –
And you let the sledge hammer fly.
Bang! I felt it from my hands to my toes!
Bang! A wipe of your hand to clear your eyes.
Bang! Another inch deeper into the bedrock.
Bang! Our portable taper player drowned out another moment.
Bang! One inch closer to our fence being up and done.
That was the start of the homestead and our life together.
Do you remember, cuz that was way back when.
We were kids and work was hard but we could manage.
Now the grass is taller than our posts,
And the horses grazing know only the peace of the brook,
And the birds overhead, and the crickets, and sound of love.
Because love raised the rails, that circle this ranch.
And love helped to raise our roof on our home we built.
And love kept us together through the good times and the bad times.
And there is love and peace on this ranch we call home.
But do you remember when it was hard, way back when?

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